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Developer UPS
Version 8.8.1
Size 138.1MB
Released October 29,2009
Updated June 15,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 24556
Language Bulgarian ,Chinese ,Czech ,Danish ,Dutch ,English ,Finnish ,French ,German ,Greek ,Hebrew ,Hungarian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Latvian ,Lithuanian ,Norwegian ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Romanian ,Russian ,Slovak ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Turkish ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.0


  • eli1665 - 2020-07-10 03:06:03


    So the app overall is alright, but there is one bug that drives me nuts that I hope you guys can fix. So basically if I open the app and while it is loading I accidentally switch into the app switcher mode (if you don’t know what that is it’s basically when you either double tap the home button or swipe and hold on newer phones to switch between apps on iPhones) or if I hold down the control center accidentally while opening the app, it logs me out of my account. When this bug occurs, it would load me into the app and pop up with: “Sorry, we weren’t able to process your login. Please login again”. So basically if I swipe out of the app or am in the control center while loading the UPS app I am somehow logged out. I hope this isn’t too hard to fix and it honestly will be a huge deal! I will update my review to 5 stars if the devs fix this bug.

  • FleaBittenVarmit - 2020-07-10 18:51:47


    I THINK I NEED TO CHANGE MY REVIEW AND STAR RATING! THE APP WORKED FINE YESTERDAY AND THIS MORNING CRASHES IF I TRY TO OPEN AND NO IT IS NOT MY DEVICE! ... I love this app. I order quite a bit online and this is an easy way to keep track of orders and where they are. Some times things are shipped to me and I don’t know it is coming. As soon as something hits their system with my address it shows up in my app. I also can set things so I get alerts and I know when items are delivered. You can also set things in your account so you receive a text alert and email alert. Notifications are totally up to you. Def would recommend this.

  • Tom3.1415926 - 2020-07-10 02:13:45

    Always room for small improvements.

    While UPS is admirable for practically everything it does, small mistakes still occur due to the fact that it is a human enterprise. I note that the date which you show as my last log in is still a month in the future. If I was to Reverse the first two dates to see if a European format was somehow being used, the date would be two months into the future. This is impossible.


You’re busy, so let UPS help you easily manage shipments, track packages, find UPS locations, and much more with the UPS Mobile app. Download the UPS Mobile app to: 

- Find and follow your deliveries in transit
- Update your delivery location or change your delivery date
- Get delivery alerts to know when your package will arrive
- Estimate shipping costs and delivery times
- Take package dimensions with our in-app measurement tool
- Create a shipment and get shipping labels
Find the nearest UPS location to pack, send, or collect your shipments