Opera: The Marriage of Figaro

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  • Opera: The Marriage of Figaro
  • Opera: The Marriage of Figaro
  • Opera: The Marriage of Figaro
  • Opera: The Marriage of Figaro


Developer AppCube Ltd
BundleID it.intermundia.opera.18
Version 1.4
Size 2.0MB
Released November 1,2009
Updated May 24,2020
Score 4.3
Review Num 11
Support http://www.appcube.co.uk
Language English ,Italian
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • Andrew4549 - 2014-05-20 11:45:06

    Almost perfect!

    This is far superior to the e-book libretto’s I’ve seen. Putting a couple of the foreign language *first*, then immediately following it with the English translation makes so much more sense, and the continuous scrolling rather than flipping pages is helpful. It’s lacking one important feature: the ability to bookmark where you stopped so you can easily continue later. Such a feature would make this app 5-star-perfect!


Opera: librettos of opera masterpieces on your iPhone / iPod Touch. 
In this application you will find: 

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart	 (libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte) 

The application includes the opera libretto (in an original language, English or bilingual version), some information about how the opera came to be, a plot summary and the list of characters. 
In addition, because your iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to upload an application and play music at the same time, you’ll be able to read the libretto as you listen.   
Audio of the operas is not included.

-	Legibility : the light text on a dark background is easy on the eyes and makes it possible to read in dark places (such as the theatre).  
-	Usability: the libretto is available in the original language, in English or in a bilingual version allowing text comparison.
-	Scrolling:  we have developed an extremely smooth, fluid scrolling algorithm that makes content even easier to access. Scroll speed can be personalized and adapted in real time to match the progress of the opera.

In case you need more "librettos", please search for our Opera app on iTunes with all of them.