Aaou Hieroglyph Dictionary

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  • Aaou Hieroglyph Dictionary
  • Aaou Hieroglyph Dictionary
  • Aaou Hieroglyph Dictionary


Developer jf.dumon
BundleID org.provenceegyptologie.Aaou
Version 2.5
Size 22.9MB
Released October 22,2009
Updated October 17,2017
Score 4
Review Num 54
Support http://www.asap-prod.com/site/AaouHieroglyphDictionary/English.html
Language English ,French
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0

Comment information

  • Create Nickname Was Taken - 2016-09-30 10:13:35

    Well Worth It

    This is really the only game in town and we're lucky it's so good. The interface can be a little clunky at times, but it's still much easier than a analogue dictionary. Easily worth the price and a huge help to my studies

  • NoTimeForBeta - 2017-03-17 09:25:14


    I love this app. A true tool for understanding and deciphering hieroglyphics. Well worth the money. The interface takes a few days to get used to. But like anything else you do get used to. Thank you for putting this app out there!

  • IryefM - 2019-05-10 11:47:08

    Worth the price

    You can pretty do anything needed for true research from a decent level. Beginner to intermediate for sure. English, transliteration, glyphs translations. Tools, and some helpful info. Gardiner code and so much more!


Hieroglyphic dictionary Aaou

Jean-François Dumon © 2009-2017
Development Alamanga © 2009-2017

(23 100 words)

No internet connection required. Carry a dependable hieroglyph dictionary in your pocket.
Change your manner to visit museums. The louvre in Paris, the metroplitan museum in New York, or the museo egysio in Turin. Visit Egypt without heavy dictionaries. 

Aaou is a hieroglyph dictionary, which currently contains  more than 23 000 words. It is useful to find the most frequent words. Other words are added regularly (collaboration by email welcome). 
You can search by hieroglyphs, transliteration or translation. The number of matching words is displayed on the screen top left. To avoid too many words, it is recommended to select at least 2 hieroglyphs or 2 transliteration letters. 
Search by transliteration must be done in alphabetic order. 
Search by hieroglyph does not depend on the order of hieroglyphs. After selection add a hieroglyph with + button or remove a hieroglyph with the – button.
The number of words displayed is limited to 50 to avoid having too long list. With 3 hieroglyphs the number of words found is very limited.
The choice of French or English is automatic. It is set by the language used on your device. To change the language, go to settings / general / international / language
To modify the transliteration mode (mode j & q or i & k) go to settings / Aaou / choose the transliteration mode.