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Developer Reuven M
BundleID com.ridetoperfection.KindleCandle
Version 2.0.0
Size 1.0MB
Released October 7,2009
Updated December 12,2014
Score 2
Review Num 1
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.1


  • Royalspirit - 2012-10-27 22:42:13


    I hope the flame would be more realistic. To the author, i have here a nice video loop of a real lighted candle I used to produce a screensaver, if you want i can give you a free copy and embed at least the flame into this app replacing the artificial flame then update us all.

  • Polarbears rule!! - 2012-02-06 02:50:20


    I have lots of fun on this, but don't u think .99 cents is too much for an app with colored candles and adlicjering flame? If I were u I would lower the price just a smidge.  this app 

  • Jonny0007 - 2015-12-31 05:48:42

    Better alternatives out there

    I can't recommend this app. Try it if you must, but I'd move along... Get the Earth Hour candle or the one produced by Poets Road instead. Both are free and of higher quality.


Personal handy and fun candle application. 
Can be your rescue rope in variety of daily situations.

If you find yourself in a romantic situation, but you are not prepared.
Don't panic!

If you’re at a rock concert having a great time, people around you are waiving their light lighters. You realize at this moment you wish you were a smoker.
Don't panic!

If you’re making your way home after a tough day, suddenly you get slapped on your forehead, you realize that you got slapped by your own hand, you begin to understand that today is the day. 
Don't panic!

Just download the KindleCandle!

User Information
Caution! The application launches with the candle already lighten, careful is required!

Candle Color: 
Adjust the color of the candle wax. Move the slider and change the wax color to suit the mood or clothing.

Flame Extinguish: 
Exhale into the microphone, tap the flame and hold your finger until the flame go out, be careful. Or shake the device.

Flame Kindle: 
Double tap the candle thread, and it light's up. Or shake the device.
Flame Flickering Rate: 
Tap the screen and adjust the flame flickering rate, move  the slider to get the desired flicker animation rate.

Microphone Sensitivity:
Tap the screen and adjust the microphone sensitivity. move  the slider to get the desired sensitivity.

Try it & have fun!

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