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Developer TimesToCome Mobile
BundleID com.timestocomemobile.Tracker
Version 12.2
Size 2.7MB
Released September 10,2009
Updated November 20,2015
Score 2
Review Num 38
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 7.0

Comment information

  • CMoncho - 2013-02-28 03:47:24

    Stopped working - what now?

    It was working fine for my daily treadmill run. Then one day I punched in some numbers it didn't like, and it stopped working. Meaning when I tried to access 'Records' I got a bunch of blank white space, and likewise 'Graph' came up white. Now I've got all this data in this app, and I don't know what's going on here or what to do. And, it does not seem easy to find how to get some help with this. If I am unable to get this resolved, I will not buy another product from this company.

  • JrRuble - 2015-08-30 22:36:40

    Great App - Even Better Customer Support!

    I wanted an app that I could track my walking time on the treadmill, specifically time, distance, and calories burned. I was bummed to see that I couldn't track calories burned. So I decided to submit an enhancement request, like I have for other apps, but expecting it to fall on deaf ears. I received a reply within 24 hours stating that they would look into implementing my request. Less than 2 weeks later the updated app was made available! Superb customer service!!!!

  • greg4me - 2013-12-20 20:36:07

    A good, reliable app!

    I have had this app since 2010. It simply does what it says it will do. It's nice to be able to track your progress during the month, from month-to-month, and from year-to-year. It has kept my records faithfully since the beginning, and really motivates me to keep pushing and to stay active. My total cholesterol has dropped 29 points, and I feel better all around. When I made a request the developer responded promptly. I'm satisfied!


How much would you pay for a pill that would: 
- Lower your blood pressure 
- Lower your cholesterol 
- Create new brain cells 
- Burn fat after 30 minutes 
- Lower your stress 
- Extend your life 
- Lower your heart attack risk by 75% 
- Lower your cancer risk by 33% 
- Cut the time you spend sick with colds by more than 40% 
There is no pill, there may never be such a pill. But you can get the same effect by dusting off that treadmill and hoping on it a short while each day.

- Track your distance, speed, time, incline, calories, peak and average heart rate, steps (iPhone 5S and newer only) and date for each run. 
- Easy to use data entry screen, often all you need do is click the save button. 
- Easily edit your data 

- List of runs showing each run's: distance, time, incline, distance up, speed, minutes/mile(km) and date. 

- Graph your monthly distance and time totals 
- Graph your daily distance and times for each month 
- See your progress on the graph - shows minutes a mile/kilometer and MPH/KPH 
- Yearly hours, distance and average per month at bottom of monthly graph 

9 built in calculators 
- Calculate how many calories you've burned using weight and distance or heart rate
- Calculate your target heart rate, see the average 10k pace for your age and sex 
- Calculate your target heart rates using your peak heart rate
- Calculate your actual VO2Max 
- Find out what your VO2Max should be 
- See what % fat and % carbs you are burning at various speeds using your VO2Max 
- Calculate your BMI, percent body fat, waist to hip ratio, body surface area 
- Convert between US and Metric and miles per hour and minutes a mile 
- Track your daily steps if you have a device than has the step counter
- Check your heart rate using your iPhone
- Pedometer on devices with an M7 chip, see track daily steps and see daily details

- Email your data to yourself for import into a spreadsheet or as an added backup of your data. 
- Keep your data local or store and sync with iCloud, restore your data from the iCloud if needed 
- Option to add your weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, resting pulse to HealthKit ( turn on HealthKit in the Settings section of the app)
- Random running facts on the info view 
- Use US or metric units

- Universal app will run natively on your iPhone, iPod and iPad
- Continued use of the GPS tracker to track your runs can dramatically decrease battery life.