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Developer The Weather Channel Interactive
Version 11.7.2
Size 289.2MB
Released November 9,2008
Updated February 13,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 1614655
Language Arabic ,Catalan ,Croatian ,Czech ,Danish ,Dutch ,English ,Finnish ,French ,German ,Greek ,Hebrew ,Hindi ,Hungarian ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Malay ,Norwegian ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Romanian ,Russian ,Chinese ,Slovak ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Thai ,Turkish ,Ukrainian ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.0

Comment information

  • AfJen27 - 2020-02-16 04:10:26


    I’ve used this app since it became an app. After years and years of using it everyday I deleted it today. In the last two updates they have managed to mush a bazillion ads into the app. I can deal with a few but what they’re pushing is too much. Then get told I can get a no ad app again if I pay 😒. Nope. If I can’t even use the app correctly because it’s trying to load an ad video instead then it’s not worth my time. Sorry, but there are better apps out there.

  • Realist_1 - 2020-02-16 00:58:00

    Apple Watch

    I was hoping to add a temperature complication on my watch but it won't allow that. I have Weatherbug complication on the watch but it's not as accurate. This also doesn't allow you to set the order of your preferences when opening the app. I will delete this Weather Channel app.

  • Baker3326 - 2020-02-16 00:12:19

    New app

    One week ago I had to update my app on my iPad. This new app stinks. It. Doesn’t work have the time. I have to shut my iPad down every other time. I’m looking for another weather app to use. Sometimes upgrading doesn’t work


Access detailed and reliable weather information in one handy place with The Weather Channel app, an IBM Business. 

Stay up to date and prepared no matter the weather with our live radar, storm tracker, weather maps and severe weather alerts.

You can also manage personal weather alerts, so you receive notifications that are important to you. Plus, we’ve got a whole range of useful weather features for you to plan ahead with confidence.

The Weather Channel - Our Top 3 Features

1. Plan your day up to two weeks in advance: Trust the current conditions card with our Feels Like feature, local hourly & daily forecasts, and our Real-Time Rain alerts with radar.
2. Get your current conditions at a glance with weather data that’s relevant where you are.
 You can find local maps and forecast on your homescreen, and breaking news videos with closed captioning!
3. Track the flu risk with Flu Insights with Watson: We can now predict the flu risk up to 15 days in advance and will alert you when there is an increased risk in your area so you can take action and prepare against the risk of flu.

NEW! Our app is Dark Mode compatible - turn on Dark Mode on your Apple device for a great viewing experience.

Plan outdoor activities with confidence.
• Planning an adventure? Check the forecast and our Real-Time Rain notifications, and find the storm radar directly on your home screen. So you know in a second whether to pack a light or waterproof jacket!
• Want to enjoy a winter walk or run? Get detailed information on sunset times, allergies and pollen reports and much more.

• Run smart with GoRun! Find the best possible running conditions and plan your perfect route.

Keep informed on the latest weather news.
• Stay prepared during extreme weather events. We’ll send you live alerts, so you’ll always be aware.

• Concerned about allergies? Get high-risk allergy alerts and check the pollutant levels in your area.
• Check out Warming Signs with Kait Parker every Tuesday in Apple Podcasts

Easily access all the weather information you need.
• Quickly find all the weather data you care about in one place: your smart home screen!
• Get precise weather updates, severe weather alerts and more of your favorite features right from your Apple Watch.

Subscribe to Premium!
• Upgrade and remove all ads from your weather app by purchasing an annual subscription.
• Discover Windstream: A new, animated map layer where you can track wind speed and direction.
• Enjoy Enhanced Lightning: The lightning radius is now 3 times wider, and covers 30 miles.
• Access 15 Minute Forecast: Get more from your forecast with 15 minute breakdowns of up to 7 hours.
• View 48 Hour Snowfall Accumulation Layer: Get your snow forecast and prepare for the winter season with our 48 hour snowfall accumulation map layer.

You can cancel your Weather Channel subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings, or it will automatically renew. This must be done 24 hours before the end of any subscription period to avoid being charged another fee. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Privacy & Feedback

• Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: 

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• If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

• According to App Annie, The Weather Channel was the #1 weather app by combined iOS App Store and Google Play worldwide downloads from 2016 through 2019.