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Developer eBay Inc.
BundleID com.ebay.iphone
Version 5.38.0
Size 201.7MB
Released July 11,2008
Updated October 30,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 1533277
Support http://www.ebay.com/ios
Language Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 11.0

Comment information

  • No Cache Limit - 2020-01-12 07:32:25

    Ebay employees don’t use it?

    Although some core features work well, The Ebay mobile phone app is clunky, has incomplete features, does not follow the same layout as a computer interface. Newly posted items for sale are buried by default, have to sort each time for Ended Latest. Every time you create a listing your forced to close 2 pop ups regarding automatic price lowering. No option to block in future. Every item for Sale says “Buy it Now” also says “Live until sold or cancelled” which is redundant. Every item for Sale just has “Shipping” next to it, instead of any reference to “Free” “Flat” or “Calculated” so before adjusting any price you commonly have to go into each one, open shipping section, review, back, then adjust price. No way to select specific notifications, rather they all come or none. App is covered with google ad results. Even when your looking at your own Orders, eBay thinks a Seller may be interested to see some Google Ad Results. This type of garbage makes it clear that eBay is just trying to milk out as much money as possible on the short term despite the negative impact in the long term. Recommend you have eBay employees sell a few dozen items from mobile app and they will see what deal with. Thanks for reading! Hope to see some changes make this app smoother!

  • rider714619 - 2020-01-12 08:09:42

    Shopping experience

    I have been member for years and I like EBay way more than Amazon. I buy and sell on here never worry about this going wrong I can always depend on EBay if I have a situation. They are the one and only place for me and my family to shop

  • heneri007 - 2020-01-12 10:08:49

    Not so frequent customer

    Every time I go on eBay they screw up my phone number my credit card number and my account


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