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Developer Tap2Play LLC
BundleID com.happyprinter.game
Version 2.0432
Size 110.8MB
Released February 22,2021
Updated March 4,2021
Score 4.61894
Review Num 4742
Support http://tap2play.me/happyprinter/support/
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 12.0


  • BunnyHuggers - 2021-02-28 12:00:29

    It’s a good game but...

    Okay here me out. I type fast apparently, each round only last 10-40 seconds for me. Maybe even less time is needed for some. After. Every. Single. Round, there was ad, and at fist I thought it was every couple of round which, I am okay with, But NOoO, it’s after every round. They take about the same amount of time as the rounds and even longer sometimes. I basically am on my bed watching ads the majority of them time. If you like ads, or take like a minute to type ‘ Penguins used to be six feet’ than go ahead.

  • PotatoHotPocket1 - 2021-02-28 07:56:23

    pretty good!

    this is a very fun and entertaining game. yes, it does keep doing the same stuff over and over again but still, there is a bit of a variety to the game. this is also one of the very few games that i see that doesn’t have a ton of ads every round. you get to do like 3 or 4 typing mini game thing s, then it shows you a short ad. very well separated ad and playing time. i really like this app! good work.

  • Lemon water You are beautiful - 2021-02-28 10:36:36

    Doesn’t get me any hope

    I had to watch tv to get hope And when I played this game it said hurry up and made a mad face and I am under 12 and I know they will be saying those words because they can keep your hopes down you can make a practice round and not saying all those hurtful words and emoji‘s. just say kind words and people can delete this app because of this and make it one star


Ready to challenge your brain and your typing speed? Join this exciting race against quick sneaky opponents, go level by level to complete various missions, and become the Champion. From simple typing games to tricky word trivia, and more — there is plenty of brain-busting!
Happy Printer is packed with match-three games, word problems, hidden objects, different riddles that will test your memory, typing speed, and strategic thinking.
• 5-in-1 running games with levels, fun missions, and rewards. You’ll never get bored!
• Simple and fun gameplay, easy navigation, and nice design. You'll love it!
• Crowds of sneaky opponents: from easy-to-defeat losers to very smart and skillful runners. Leave them all behind!
• Endless fun and brain-pushing games. Not just play, think!
• Great time filler. Highly addictive!
Have fun running, typing, and beating every level in this cool set of awesome games!