2048 Merge Card

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  • 2048 Merge Card
  • 2048 Merge Card
  • 2048 Merge Card
  • 2048 Merge Card


Developer Bep1c
BundleID com.solitatire.merge2048
Version 1.0
Size 101.4MB
Released October 13,2020
Updated October 13,2020
Score 1.4
Review Num 186
Support http://www.bepic.cc/privacy-policy
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0


  • :(Austin): - 2020-10-19 17:11:03

    Not legit andd dc not happy refuses to give j my e the last .20 to cash out.

    I have finally reached 99.80 and it will not give me any more money. I have to watch the ads even if I chose not too and I get 0.00 to watch them. I’ve been playing for past half hour and keep getting 0.00 for tgee we past half hour. It refuses to give me that extra .20 cents to get to 100.00 to cash out. So I hope that tomorrow it will give me that .20 cents so I can cash out. If not this Game is a fraud. I spent hours playing this game to get to this amount and nod th are f I’m at 99.80 all I’m getting is 0.00 to watch ads even if I chose not to. So I hope it gives me the last .20 so I can collect my money if not I will let every one know that it’s a fraud. So for now I’m giving it a 1 star till I know I can get thee are t last .20 cents to cash out Bc I’ve been playing for hours and days abd only need .20 cents but keep getting 0.00 now. So I will change my stars when I can cash out.

  • Bamfromroc - 2020-10-19 20:46:29


    I keep having to close and re open the page cause it would stop u from collecting.i finally got up to 199.82 and now it shows 0.00 to collect and thought it was because I did all the task for the day and said it reset every day which it does but the collect still shows 0.00.of course u can’t pay out until u reach the 200.00 but u will never get to it.also there isn’t any way to get hold of anyone to let them know what is going on with it.just another one that makes u play and gets paid for u watching there ads..deleting today. And do not recommend this game cause it’s a waste of time for nothing

  • roderdan - 2020-10-19 14:42:15

    Stops giving money when you only have change left

    I made it to $199.80 and the treasure chest and I guess you can say mission completion don’t even offer money anymore. Every time it pops up it just says $0.00, so the only thing I can do is say no thank you. At first it was really good, I was getting dollars. It said that I need to get to $200 to cash out. I thought that it would be relatively easy. Then the ads kept adding up for every little thing, even when I pressed no thank you for watching the ads. I didn’t mind at fist since I wanted to earn the extra money, but I was getting sick of it, but that was more on my part.


2048 Merge Card is a funny game, which combines with number solitaire, accompany you to spend relaxing moments.

How to play
Move the number cards to the chessboard and the same numbers will be combined. The larger the combined number, the more points you get.