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Category iPhone iPad
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Developer Silvio Rizzi
BundleID com.reederapp.5.iOS
Version 5.0.2
Size 13.0MB
Released October 16,2020
Updated October 27,2020
Score 4.8
Review Num 141
Language English
Rating 17+
Compatibility 14.0


  • ThreesTrifecta - 2020-10-17 21:02:00

    First impressions

    - signing in for accounts is strange as there isn’t an OK button. After tinkering with settings and scrolling down, there’s a delete account button. The other option is to tap on the X and go back and assume that the account has been added - setting up Pocket needs to be done twice as if you switch between sign up and login, I think it disrupts the process and doesn’t lead to the authorization page. I would suggest having it load the login page and not the sign up page first. - it would be nice if we could manually set the order of the accounts in the list of accounts that we are signed into - the icon will take some getting used to Can’t wait to explore the rest. Will update the review over time! Everything works so far.

  • QuarterSwede - 2020-10-16 23:57:28

    Another excellent version. No subscription!

    Reeder has always been a solid and reliable RSS news reader. It’s now even better with widget support and mark read on scroll (which is feed tunable). I also love that the dev has kept it a one time payment and it is not subscription based. Please support Silvio. He deserves to be able to make a living on providing great updates that users love.

  • Jon Seamans - 2020-10-17 02:09:47

    The best RSS reader just got better

    Reeder is hands down my favorite RSS app, and this is another fantastic update to an already amazing app. iCloud syncing works flawlessly, the new design feels fresh, modern and clean, and there’s no *bleeping* subscription, which by itself is enough to make me want to support this app and developer. Oh, and widgets. 👍


Keep control of your news reading with Reeder, RSS reader and read later client in one app, now with support for iCloud syncing.

Sync all your feeds and articles with iCloud. Reeder 5 comes with a built-in RSS/Feeds service which will keep everything in sync on all your devices. Of course, this is optional. You can still just use one of the many third-party services supported by Reeder or just RSS (without sync).

This is Reeder's built-in read later service which stores all your data securely in iCloud. A sharing extension allows you to add links from outside of Reeder.

A higher dimension of reading. With Bionic Reading you read texts with more focus, awareness, and sustainability. Read more about Bionic Reading at

View most recent articles, configurable to only show items from feeds, folders, searches or tags.

With version 5, Reeder finally supports marking items as read while scrolling. Off by default, this can be enabled on a per-account basis.

Enter Reader View (for feed items and read later links that support this) for a clutter-free reading experience directly in Reeder's article viewer. You can enable "Automatic Reader View" on a per-feed basis to always load items of a feed with Reader View.

Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Inoreader, BazQux Reader, FreshRSS, Instapaper and Pocket.