Rowdy City Wrestling

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  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling
  • Rowdy City Wrestling


Developer Colin Lane Games AB
BundleID com.stencyl.rowdycitywrestling
Version 1.0.3
Size 48.7MB
Released September 16,2020
Updated September 24,2020
Score 3.86667
Review Num 270
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9


  • wildbill2010 - 2020-09-23 22:30:50

    So Much Fun

    As a wrestling fan, and a fan of the developer’s previous games, I have been looking forward to this game and it really delivers. This is the first combat sports games I have played that combines RPG and rouge-like elements. I love the simple move set, which marries the dev’s previous games’ toy like controls with a more classic wrestling move set. I love the humor (Tremor lecturing you about the dangers of concussions). Clearly this was made by a wrestling fan, who is probably about my age, and loved the era of wrestling I loved (late 80’s - mid 90’s). There are quite a few bugs. I received pay outs for matches I lost (this only happened when wrestling for Tony), and Tony’s dialog after some matches would sound as if I lost the last match for him when I won. There are a bunch more, but I expect to see them go away. This team has done a fabulous job considering the release coming right before an iOS update. The bugs aren’t game breaking and the fun of this game overcomes all that. A note to the developer...don’t respond to the ridiculous negative reviews you get on here sometimes. It makes you look bad and some people are just going to have ridiculous expectations. This game is basically free, and a delight and will only get better. You have a solid product, and it will do well. Keep fixing it and improving it and people will keep playing it. Somewhere along the way people started to expect a perfect bug free game with massive multiplayer support for free at launch. This is going to lead to some odd ball reviews. Don’t pay attention to them.

  • drift 309 - 2020-09-24 11:42:55

    Love the game but...

    I love the game in all and I was very exited for it to come out. Just a couple things I think should be done. First of all, if you start a new career and a character has to belts, when you restart with them they are gone. The progress should be saved just in case you get a good new character or something but don’t want to lose your progress. The second thing is not a complaint but an idea. Maybe it would make the game better if there’re was like a solo rumble mode or something. But you should definitely make a tag team mode where you can chose 2 characters together and play with them in career. All in all this is a good game, just some bugs.

  • Jjgarz0907 - 2020-09-25 05:18:10

    Please Fix as soon as possible

    Okay I’ve been playing this game for awhile since it’s release and it’s been real fun but there has been a few glitches that can be real annoying like the biggest glitch would be sometimes when I’m doing a brawl when me or a bot wins it would automatically kick me out the game and it would happen every time so I had to start over a new career every time and it’s been real frustrating because I would get far just to lose it all to a glitch please fix if possible.


Every wrestling career has to start somewhere. For you it's the mean streets of Rowdy City. Rowdy City's Wrestling gym is a place where dreams can be made or crushed. You will meet a variety of characters throughout your career, some who want to help you and others who maybe have other plans for you.

In career mode you will start as a nobody and fight your way towards the RCW World Championships. It's not going to be an easy journey, you will fight in 1 vs 1 matches, six person brawls and royal rumble events. The aim of the game is to earn cash to improve your stats so you can take on the guys at the top. If you need a bit of extra cash you can pick up a part time job lugging boxes around, or take the more dangerous route and do some street fights. 

There are a variety of characters to unlock and an endless mode that lets you jump straight into a royal rumble mode.