Idola Phantasy Star Saga

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Category iPhone iPad
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  • Idola Phantasy Star Saga
  • Idola Phantasy Star Saga
  • Idola Phantasy Star Saga
  • Idola Phantasy Star Saga
  • Idola Phantasy Star Saga
  • Idola Phantasy Star Saga
  • Idola Phantasy Star Saga


Developer Boltrend Games
BundleID com.boltrend.idolaen
Version 1.11.3
Size 1,621.0MB
Released September 17,2020
Updated September 17,2020
Score 4.12987
Review Num 231
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • Pkpoky - 2020-09-18 18:44:29

    Can’t reroll. How unfortunate

    After: I did miss a day and they did remove the 10x gacha on day one probably from the maintenance. My first impression on rerolling on iOS really hurts. I will say rerolling on Android is easier, and you can link an account from there afterwards then play on iOS. I can finally enjoy the game I guess, even though I did miss out on a free 10x Gacha Ticket. For the Discord rewards: 211,967,595 Edit* Before: Rerolling is such a big culture in gacha games. Especially for someone like me who spends a good amount of the time playing mobile games. Some will have it luckier than others. We all just want a fun and good start into the game and not struggle until future content or a wall hits us. “Bind your account to safeguard your game progress and play on multiple devices” How unfortunate that the game already binds your account for you without notifying. This game will bind your account to Game Center as soon as you start the game so beware. You thought you can reroll with a guest account. Well, thats not the case because the game remembers that account too even if you reinstall. This game seems to bind the account to your phone rather than actual media accounts. So if you want to reroll, prepare to make more Apple Accounts, Google Accounts, Facebook Accounts. Oh wait why don’t you just go buy a new phone to reroll a guest account everytime. Makes me wonder, is this on purpose to stop rerolls? How do some other f2p players feel? Do they just want your money because you can’t reroll so you end up whaling? Will there be some explanation on this in the future? Is this just a bug? Unless they fix this, the ratings are subject to change.

  • Bamb00man - 2020-09-18 09:42:10

    If Fate GO had Upgraded.

    Well another Gacha game to test out before I delete it.... I didn’t delete this game by any means. I liked it a lot more than I should of. Visuals are great. Seeing it being a japan/Asian country title in 2018 it seems to have lived up to what it is today in 2020. Characters are just speaking with no art movement. Just, a weird thing happened in this game where the characters you play form a zodiac sign to beat up baddies. Story is t that great but characters are cool and Gacha seems cheap and fair and not toooooo expensive to get you going in no time. Top quality sound track though which is 4 stars in my book!

  • Priestej - 2020-09-18 21:43:32

    So far fun game

    I only been playing for two days but the gameplay is pretty standard, think epic seven. I enjoy it because it is phantasy Star series. The visuals are very good and the animation is very fluid. ID# 306,313,311

Promotional Text

Idola Phantasy Star Saga is now available to download. The server will start at 8 pm, Sept. 16 (PDT). See you soon at the Land of Vandor.


The classic RPG series, Phantasy Star finally comes to mobile! Experience thrilling turn-based battles with two-party mode, world-class artwork, an unforgettable musical score, and an epic fantasy through a fully-voiced story campaign. Save the land of Vandor from the threat of Dark Falz.

Return to the series roots through a command style system of battle. Release your ultimate skill, Elemental Blast to defeat your enemies by consuming elemental values.

You can deploy and switch between two party modes, Law and Chaos during battles. Switching parties unleashes an all-out attack called Reverse Rush, so take your chances and change the tides of battle! 

Face each characters’ fate, and choose the ultimate upgrade for each, changing the conclusion to a character’s story! Not only will it change the characters’ appearance, but also their skills and Elemental Blast as well.

Join forces with friends and other players to defeat the IDOLA. You can also become an amazing IDOLA yourself and battle other adventurers! There are various kinds of IDOLA available within the game.

Two teams enter – only one leaves. Battle with other adventurers’ teams to become the ACE of the Arena!

- This game is free to play.
- Items are available for purchase within the game.
- A network connection is required to play. 

Feel free to contact us on Discord and Facebook.