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Developer Panteon
BundleID com.panteon.homesweethome
Version 1.02
Size 200.4MB
Released March 18,2020
Updated March 25,2020
Score 4.62783
Review Num 11148
Support http://www.panteon.games/en/#contact
Language Arabic ,Chinese ,Dutch ,English ,Finnish ,French ,German ,Hebrew ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish ,Thai ,Turkish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • CheerfulKitten1999 - 2020-04-01 12:52:01

    They had the right idea

    Hello, I am a girl that loves designing houses and rooms, so when I saw the ad come on I thought this game would be perfect for me. I downloaded the game and waited, I was very excited to play the game. When I started to play there were not very many options in furniture and after you had placed it you could not change it, this slightly annoyed me, but I just thought it was just for the first part of the game to get used to things. I kept playing and nothing changed. I would really like this game if they just would change a few things, like more furniture options, being able to change anything at any time while designing, and being able to place the furniture differently. What I mean by being able to change anything at any time is being able to customize any of the walls and place things differently, sometimes the color just doesn't fit the room and personally, I am very picky about wall colors, and where things are placed. Some of the furniture is just placed in weird spots and just looks weird if they could add in something where you would be able to move the furniture that would make me happy and probably some other people. Also, MORE furniture would be nice, some furniture doesn't fit with other furniture choices, like the tables and sofas. If you are not a picky person and are ok with some things you are not able to customize then I would suggest this game for you , but if you are a very picky person like me this game might not be for you, but I might be wrong about it, I'm not very far in so there might be some changes farther on. This would be a very good game if it weren't for those few things.

  • 📦box - 2020-04-01 14:58:32


    This game is very satisfying and addictive. But I have a big issue. There are so many adds. Every time you finish one task, there is an add. Every time you finish anything, there is an add. Yes, I know that games that are free need funding from adds, but this is very annoying. I just wish that there was a game like this, without all the annoying adds. I would say download this game if you enjoy watching the same add for the 100th time in a row after you complete anything. Sorry if you really enjoy this game. ( To loosen that up, I really do like this game, just hate the adds.) If you read that whole thing for a honest review, you came to the right place. Thanks, and please, get rid of the adds. 😊👍🏻

  • grounded fo life - 2020-04-01 12:16:13

    Ads.. too many

    Guys I love this app and totally think you should get it. But this game has a lot of ads, which to some weird people, that is great news. I however as a person have no interest in ads whatsoever! In which if you could play the game anywhere I would recommend a place with no WiFi or service. And if the creator is seeing this, please take down some of the ads. It is like ad apocalypse every time I open the app. Thank you for listening to my review on the app.


Ultimate ASMR game!

Ready to restore houses and sell it highest bidder!

Buy ruined houses and make it glow again!
Fill the cracks, fix the floor and clean everything!
Finally furnish the house and it is ready to sell!