Biography of Court Beauty


  • Biography of Court Beauty
  • Biography of Court Beauty
  • Biography of Court Beauty
  • Biography of Court Beauty


Developer li yang
BundleID qing.gong.meirz
Version 1.0
Size 50.2MB
Released March 27,2020
Updated March 27,2020
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


Biography of Court Beauty is a fast strategy card game. Simple and fun, you will play a hero in the game and use various strategies wisely. In a game that lasts for a few minutes, you can play a variety of powerful cards to cast spells, strengthen yourself, and finally defeat each other. Whether it's the first time you play strategy games, or you're already a veteran of strategy games, this game will keep you playing.   
 [game features]   
[collision of ideas]    
Thought determines result. This battle is not only a card drunk cut, but also a collision of ideas! It's so easy to open your wisdom and win with the weak.  
[easy to play]           
After a few contests, you can master the competition methods and become a master of strategy. 
[play if you want]        
 Click start, don't wait. Free time to play games, you can relax and decompression!