Devil Book: Hand-Drawn Action


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Developer Co., Ltd. NGELGAMES
Version 1.0
Size 745.0MB
Released February 24,2021
Updated February 24,2021
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.3

Promotional Text

Hand-Drawn Action MMO
Experience an exciting action with a fancy visual classic adventure!


Pre order for 10 Hero Summon scrolls on launch.

- Devil Book is a classic adventure MMO game.
The more you play, the more you will be drawn to the graphics resembling a fairytale with an exciting action!

- Fun character development
Use a combination of characters and various skills
and get immersed in exciting battles with your opponent!

- Various field and fascinating monsters
Exciting forest, snow, desert and lava battlefields!
Cool and fun battles take place in all these diverse environments!

- Fun story and world
A collection of heroes from various dimensions come together to fight.
Begin your adventure now to find the lost ‘Book of Fate’!

- More than 100 pieces of collectible equipment and upgrades
Unique abilities are now collectible!
Equipment’s look will change as you progress!

- Character dye system
Create your own colorful and personalized character!
Try to make your own clothes in your own style!

- A fun community
Play and hangout together with your friends inside the game!
And create a party to clear missions and have an exciting adventure together!