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  • Battery Grapher
  • Battery Grapher
  • Battery Grapher
  • Battery Grapher
  • Battery Grapher


Developer Nicholas Bird
BundleID j-blrd.Battery-Watch
Version 2.0.1
Size 4.8MB
Released February 14,2020
Updated September 18,2020
Score 4.4
Review Num 70
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 14.0


  • Gwegowy - 2020-03-30 02:28:59

    I really want to love this app.

    And I do in theory. It’s just not accurate at all. For instance right now it’s telling me I have 70hrs and my battery level is at 27. When I open the complication it even shows that I have less than 24 hours. If the info was accurate this would be a 5 star review. I appreciate the work that goes into it and when the app works it’s actually very helpful. Unfortunately that is a rare occurrence. Not going to delete it yet. I’m gonna give it a little more time for some updates but if the accuracy is still way off I’m deleting. Update- It doesn’t work. The complication doesn’t update when I charge my watch. It’ll show I only have a few hours with a fully charged battery. Please fix this. If the app was free I wouldn’t care but I eagerly paid for this and I just wish it worked. I like the idea of what it’s actually supposed to do. Update part 2- Thank you for the reply! I changed it to a 5 star rating as it should be! I appreciate the hard work!

  • whatever man - 2020-03-19 23:19:03

    Wait and see?

    Had the app for 17 days and as far as I can tell it does not do anything other than take space in the dock. Yes you get a graph and in time said graph is supposed to better predict your battery life. So far the best predictor I have gotten on accuracy is OK. The alarms do work but here is where I see the development and delivery being off. The feature is to notify you that your battery is at 50% (if you choose that alarm). I get the 50% notification, check my battery life and I’m at 42-45%, sometimes lower. So I can see the vision of the feature but it’s not accurate. I want the app to learn my battery but it will not. My rating : 3 Why: I encourage the developers to work on getting this app to do what the description says but at the same time it’s a paid app. I’m ok with paying now, like a early investor but it has to deliver some value. Good luck. I’m removing from my watch for now and hopefully in the future improvements are made.

  • Lectrician7 - 2020-04-15 08:01:55

    Good concept but not accurate.

    I like the apps design and the purpose of it, but it’s not always accurate. Sometimes you’ll see that the time remaining is waaayyy off. It can be fixed each time by going to the settings and switching the complication from “Hours until 0%” to “Battery %” and then back again. But the fact you have to do this (a few times a day sometimes) takes time I’m not willing to spend. It’s not much time but I can use math in my head to determine how much longer I have left faster. It’s frustrating because I want to love the app but I can’t having to do this extra task. I was really hoping to use this instead of my stock battery complication. I downloaded this the minute the developer announced it on reddit. So it’s not due to the app not having long enough to to calibrate. It actually seemed to get worse as the calibration got “better” according to the app itself.

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iPhone & iPad app now out! Free for anyone who has purchased the Apple Watch app.


Battery Grapher graphs your historical battery levels and learns your habits to make smart predictions on what your future battery levels will be. Developed specifically with energy consumption in mind, Battery Grapher has almost no impact on battery life. 

Battery Grapher uses historical battery levels to intelligently predict what your battery level will be throughout the rest of the day, allowing you to plan when to next charge your device. The longer you have Battery Grapher installed, the more accurate future battery level predictions will be.

Battery Grapher is made for people who want to extend the battery life, meaning that low energy usage is a priority. The app runs a background task only once an hour, and doesn't require a network connection, which keeps energy consumption extremely low.

Battery Grapher allows you to set notifications that fit your needs. You can  get the app to notify you when you battery drops below a preset percentage, or if you only have a certain number of hours left before your battery runs out. (currently only available on watchOS)

Battery Grapher supports all complications & widget sizes. Complications can show hours before needing to charge, or battery %. Both complications and widgets are customizable from within the app.