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Download Rank 1982 4179
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Category iPhone iPad
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Grossing·Overall 287 697
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  • Lovelink™
  • Lovelink™
  • Lovelink™
  • Lovelink™
  • Lovelink™
  • Lovelink™


Developer Ludia
BundleID com.ludia.lovelink
Version 1.2.7
Size 89.1MB
Released September 8,2020
Updated September 10,2020
Score 4.53145
Review Num 1576
Language English
Rating 17+
Compatibility 11.0


  • stale cheeto - 2020-09-21 12:09:25

    Great :)!

    I think the games wonderful, I get the diamond mechanic, although ad based rewards or review based rewards would help! Love the art, especially the background scenes. Like the variety of characters aswell! Thing is, I’ll swipe yes on someone twice, or swipe no on someone twice yet they still pop up. Even when I unmatch them, while I get it’s for the longevity of the game, I also really wanna flirt with the dudes in the game without having to wonder if this is the one time that I’ll match with them :( That and maybe character personalization? Just basic stuff like skin tones, gender/gender less characters, etc :)! - PS I like how you guys make sure the people actually look like the race they’re intended to be! That and the variety :)

  • 0984626648592727 - 2020-09-21 11:23:18

    I’m into it.

    I really enjoy this game, however, like others have mentioned, the gem situation is a bit out of control. I don’t mind spending money on games and I have already spent over $100 on this one. I’ve already matched with everyone who has swiped right on me and I’m just wonder if we can match with the others in the future or if there is another way to match. All of my matches are “away for some time,” and now I have nobody to talk to. How long does it take before they come back? I also received a notification that one of my matches who is away is going to unmatch with me, how can I prevent this if they aren’t available to talk to?

  • MartaIM - 2020-09-21 08:21:41

    They are stealing your money

    The idea of the gane is great the delivery is awful. You spend extra money to buy diamonds only to get the same characters you already swiped left/right. 9/20- it’s a good game but a money pit. All my matches have gone offline after spending way to much money to chat with them for a few minutes. Then I got a notification the offline character was about to unmatch me. They won’t even refund the gems spent. So pretty much they took my money and now I can’t chat with the characters.


Meet your dream match – just one swipe away!

Lovelink is a virtual reality romance that lets you navigate your chats with your choices! With interesting, exciting and thrilling characters to browse through, dive into an all-new narrative dating experience. 

Get to know your potential suitors! Learn about their lives and experience their unique stories. Collect steamy selfies, send emojis and make choices that influence your interactions and the outcome of the story, and who knows, maybe they’ll want to meet you for a date!

- SWIPE through more than 70 characters, of all backgrounds and desires, waiting to be matched with you!
- CONNECT with your dream partner! Congratulations, it’s a match – time to get to know them a better and get to chatting.
- CHAT and react with your match to level up your relationship! Chat away and make your choices. You never know where it may lead…
- COLLECT selfies from your matches and view them any time in the Photo Gallery.

Time to get swiping in Lovelink!

* Please note: Lovelink is completely free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money. If you choose not to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Compatible with iPhone 6 and up, iPad 5 and up, iPad mini 4 and up, iPod 6 and up, on devices with iOS Version 11 or later installed.

Privacy policy can be found at

Terms of service can be found at

By installing this application you agree to the terms of the licensed agreements.