Combat of Hero

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Revenue 2018 7010

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Category iPhone iPad
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  • Combat of Hero
  • Combat of Hero
  • Combat of Hero
  • Combat of Hero


Developer Ohayoo
BundleID com.peakx.stickfight.occident
Version 0.2.2
Size 203.6MB
Released January 4,2020
Updated June 28,2020
Score 4.7
Review Num 6066
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • Meatballcity7262 - 2020-07-06 06:32:02

    Buggy, Expensive prices!

    Ok, before I say the negative stuff I’m just gonna say this game is pretty good! I like the theme from archero for perks to upgrade. And I like the graphics and the fighting controls! That’s why I’m giving you 3 stars. Here are the things I don’t like though...First of all, this game crashes and bugs a LOT! Other people don’t say this, but I don’t have many games on the phone so it’s not to much storage! And second of all, I played this game when it first came out and not ONE purchase on there. After beating the game I deleted it and I downloaded it again after this last update and MAN I saw lots of prices and then I saw the shop and that Changed my mind about the game. So I’d like to see less purchases because lots of games just have pop ups for them and it tricks you to like the game and it makes you buy it over and over again and my friend got this game and he said he REALLY likes it but every few weeks there something he buys. Other than that stuff this game is great. But there’s one thing... Watch the rating GO DOWN.

  • fbsnnd - 2020-07-09 09:13:06

    Great game

    Before I start my review I want to say to all theirs people saying oh the game is to buggy and there is to many purchases and your going to watch the rating go down because of that, NO ONE CARES Just stop the rating are really good and there is not to many purchases yes the prices are bad but you don’t have to buy them, the most popular games ever have TONS of in app purchases, and why would those stop anyone from playing? These devs need to make money, and would you like ads every three seconds? You would be complaining about that to. End of my rant. This game is over all a great game, the only problem with it is it needs some word and name updates and the Prices are Way to expensive, I mean $100 for 15 weapons Shards not many people would/could buy that and there is some bugs but it is a new game and it is amazing for a new game.

  • /.?-/.?/ - 2020-07-10 02:56:00

    Best Game Ever!

    I Like How U Can Do Different Things And Level Up To Get Different Rewards,Abilitys & Other Things! It’s So Much Fun (Please Make An Update I Would Love If U Can) Download This Game! Your Missing So Many Different Things U Haven’t Seen!


Wanted to work in office as usual, only to find everything changed suddenly when you woke up!
A villain group--  the Shadow tries to destroy the world. Many cities have turned in ashes overnight.
You thought you were just nobody.  But you fight time after time, and the hidden power inside you is gradually awakening!
What will you do if you are the last hope to defeat the Shadow and save the world?
Simply run away? Since you always want a peace and quiet life.
Ready to fight? That would be a hard and long way to go......
If you are ready......

————Let's fight!

**Game features**

· Easy to control and fight—— just click!
· Weapons and armors random drop—— more possibilities!
· Familiar scenes, anything can be your weapon!
· Attack, defense, blow...every action is smooth!  


· Your growth is full of randomness!
· "Adventure System" has an important impact on your future!
· New characters become your strong power on your way to save the world!
· Games available both on/off-line!

A totally different stickman fight world is waiting for you to explore!
A brand new experience of stickman RPG game!
Anyone & anything can be the key to fight against the Shadow!
Are you strong enough to fight?

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