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Developer Dispo, Inc
BundleID app.davidsdisposable.davids-disposable-ios
Version 2.0.3
Size 76.2MB
Released December 28,2019
Updated March 1,2021
Score 3.4
Review Num 1101
Support https://dispo.fun
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 14.0


  • pale person 77777 - 2021-03-06 14:48:52

    Constant advertising for an app you can’t even use

    Downloaded this app because of all the advertising I saw online for it to just be told nope sorry you have to wait. Why heavily advertise an app that is invite only.... I can’t help but wonder if this a just a way to artificially boost interest. If people saw ads and than used the app they could form an instant opinion, but the app creators set it up as an exclusive club specifically to hide the user experience. It’s just a little suspicious to what I would consider the average consumer. After a confusing download and delete I researched the app a little further. The main creator of this platform is known for s a ?? Only ten minutes into researching this app I stumbled on to recorded footage of this taking place. I’m not big into internet culture so imagine my horror as I realized that I download an app founded by a major p r e d a t o r. Highlights —— Weird waitlist (never once in my 15 years of owning smart devices have I been put on a waiting list for a published app) with what feels like a strangely secretive platform not to mention the surprise moral dilemma of their team behind the app. I feel icky just for downloading it. 10/10 don’t recommended

  • Destramix - 2021-03-06 11:26:26

    Not Good At All

    First off, the app isn’t that great. It had potential in some areas, but it is lacking overall. Second, why would I even want to use this app. It suppose ya people who victim shame and deny their part in a case of sexual assault. The fact that they have the balls to even promote this garbage app, but not apologize to certain people is disgusting.

  • Dickschnepp - 2021-03-06 11:36:23


    Had a weird experience after downloading the app. I got this odd urge to pressure two guys I associate with to smooch each other on the lips. I tricked them into doing it & now I feel really good about my actions. Thanks Dispo!


We have completely updated and renovated what it’s like to use Dispo! You now have a username and profile that allows you to create a shared camera roll of photos between you and your friends!

Open the app, take your photos, and wait for them to develop at 9AM the next day. You will get a notification that your photos are developed and ready to be viewed, similar to actual disposable cameras. We’re bringing high quality film right to your phone. Invite your friends and try it out!