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  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop
  • Wood Shop


Developer Rollic Games
BundleID com.HeroGames.WoodShop
Version 1.2.9
Size 278.6MB
Released December 18,2019
Updated August 13,2020
Score 4.55768
Review Num 128842
Support http://rollicgames.com
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • CrowLikeTheBird - 2020-09-25 11:55:50

    Ridiculous amounts of ads

    I downloaded this game from an ad on Facebook. It’s a very fun game however, you’re going to have ads shoved down your throat the entire experience. Want to start a project? Watch an ad. Want to go to the next step of your project after chipping away? Watch an ad. Want to paint the project? Watch an ad. Want the coins you earned or the prize you earned for doing that project? Watch an ad. Want to do a special project with ice or metal that they’ll randomly have pop up after every project is competed? Watch another ad. How extremely annoying! I enjoyed when I did get to play the game however I’m deleting it because I’m sick of the numerous ads just to even go to the next step of the whole project and to earn coins.

  • Mulonia - 2020-09-28 03:59:41

    Love the game, but...

    I love this game! I just got it so I am only on level 3 so far. The only thing I don’t like are the ads, I mean I am fine with them, if I hated them so much I could just pay for it. All I ask is that could you make one ad per level? I know it’s a free game and you need to make money so that’s why I am asking for just one ad per level. I’d give it a 5 star rating but the ads are just like really random So... I can’t. I am sorry. 😕😌😃😄😁👌

  • MummerGOSB - 2020-09-21 01:18:15

    Great Game if you love watching Ads!

    This is a really fun game. It’s different. It’s oddly satisfying. But there are way too many ads. I get it- ads bring money but who puts ads in the MIDDLE of a level??? Then, there are ads in between EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, plus ads to complete bonus levels, get bonus items, get extra coins, and to unlock objects. I am on level 24 and I do not know how much more i can take.


Carve anything you desire, make your wood carving art.

Carve woods and try to match the target shape. 

Cut, polish, paint and store in your shop!