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Developer Christopher Jones
BundleID com.nicoletv.ios
Version 1.10.2
Size 33.7MB
Released November 30,2019
Updated January 23,2020
Score 4.8
Review Num 1748
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.3


  • Fire Bp - 2020-05-14 01:04:45

    Thanks Kayla But only one problem

    I am so proud of you girl😂❤️ but when I downloaded this app I saw that it said log in but at the top it Said sign up where her picture is so I clicked and it did nothing so can you tell me how to do it or is it just technical difficulties?

  • mimi🥰💕 - 2020-05-11 02:13:16

    I love it🥰💕

    It is good it shows me everything it keeps me up to date and keeps you up to date with music as well 𝕀 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪 𝕚𝕥 𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪 𝕞𝕦𝕔𝕙 !

  • riahchanelsbackyard - 2020-05-15 04:59:03

    The app

    It’s amazing and a great platform BUT everytime I try to listen to her music it exits me out of the app . On my iPad it does the same thing . I don’t know if it’s a bug but other than that it’s a good app

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Get crazy and connected with Kayla Nicole Jones on Nicole TV. The best way to Move Like a Snake. PeriodT!


Lately, Kayla Nicole Jones is everywhere. Now she's moving like a snake in a new place on her very own Nicole TV app! With her app you can:

- Sign up, login, and keep your very own profile to socialize with Kayla inside a news feed

- Post memes, photos, videos, music, GIFs, and much more via the feed and comments

- Create and interact with groups on the network

- Gain direct access to Kayla. Automatically become her friend when you sign up!

- Move Like a Snake with Kayla's music. Built-in music player and system updated with current songs. 

- Buy and receive exclusive merch and hair products from the built-in store

- Follow Kayla's updates via built-in YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Meetup tracking

+ Much more. PeriodT!