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Developer Nikita Somenkov
BundleID ru.somenkov.WOL
Version 2.4.1
Size 10.1MB
Released December 3,2019
Updated September 23,2020
Score 4.69231
Review Num 13
Language English ,French ,German ,Japanese ,Korean ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 13.0


  • CHI3F - 2020-04-21 05:32:33

    Simple and Effective

    This app offers what it’s competitors don’t in a fairly limited market...iPad landscape support. I know, I know. Why do I care? HUGE upset in workflow to be forced to change from landscape to portrait. The other features are nice but this, for me, is what makes this app worth the 99 cents. THANK YOU!

  • ComputeSam - 2020-05-19 13:11:58

    Works Great

    The UI is very nice and the functionality and options are great. The app icon is a bit weird but everything else is perfect. great job.

  • AdamSzonyi - 2020-05-05 16:18:13

    Working as intended

    Easy to use and has a good design. The creator even put up tutorials on setting up wake on lan for people who are not familliar.

Promotional Text

Magic Packet is user-friendly tool to turn on your computer over network and check the status of your computer with Siri Shortcuts support.



- Wake up the computer for connecting over TeamViewer/VNC/RDP
- Turning on computers for students in the classroom
- Starting home server or NAS after a power failure
- Waking up your PC remotely using Siri


- Siri Shortcuts support
- Wake On Lan over Internet (instructions inside)
- Widget for quick access
- Checking host using ping or HTTP
- Support various Wake On Lan ports
- SecureON support
- Apple Watch support
- User-friendly interface
- Unlimited number of hosts
- Custom icon and color for each host
- Haptic feedback
- Dark mode