Wobble Man

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 73 287
Revenue 5277 9410

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Category iPhone iPad
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Free·Arcade 9 69
Free·Puzzle 5 41
Grossing·Arcade 397 919
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  • Wobble Man
  • Wobble Man
  • Wobble Man
  • Wobble Man
  • Wobble Man
  • Wobble Man
  • Wobble Man
  • Wobble Man


Developer Ohayoo
BundleID icacacat.wobble.man.upstairs
Version 1.0.24
Size 116.3MB
Released November 20,2019
Updated March 31,2020
Score 4.64975
Review Num 1596
Support https://cacacats.com/
Language English ,Japanese ,Korean
Rating 9+
Compatibility 9.2


  • Vinceno1212121212 - 2020-01-12 14:26:46


    I wish I could give this game 4 or even 5 stars because it is fun but you wonder why these games never get big and it’s because of all the ads. There’s so many ads and it’s annoying. You should only make ads if you want a chest or something. Make the player watch a ad to get something not after one or two matches. People will enjoy the game but they will also quit the game faster because of the ads. No one likes ads. Just putting in my review hope this helps the game, if not then oh well

  • Noodleyp - 2020-03-09 01:19:22

    I’m actually concerned

    This game has so few ads I’m concerned they’re not making enough money for their work

  • BrittNGrant - 2020-03-05 08:42:59

    Need of knives

    The game deva should add knives to stab people but other than that the game is great.

Promotional Text

Being a spy has never been so fun... and relaxing!


Hello agent Wobble, there is a new assignment for you: 
Go ahead! Find something in the unlimited floor building!

**Game features**
Funny levels that you can't imagine!
Pass the levels one by one!
Funny machine that surprises you!
Whole new experiences every day!

How can agents not be equipped with advanced equipment?
How can the Key person not have a set of handsome skin system?
How can a good game be very similar on every level?
How can Wobble Man not bring you joy and fun?

Go ahead, agent!
Beat them all!