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  • Wood Cube Puzzle
  • Wood Cube Puzzle
  • Wood Cube Puzzle
  • Wood Cube Puzzle
  • Wood Cube Puzzle


Developer Jindong Song
BundleID xy.WoodyCubePuzzle
Version 1.1
Size 115.4MB
Released November 28,2019
Updated December 19,2019
Score 4.34842
Review Num 221
Support http://sites.google.com/view/woodycubepuzzle
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • BlackMattie - 2020-02-29 05:40:35

    Extremely ad heavy

    The Tetra like cube action is fun but this game is so ad heavy it takes the fun out of playing. I can move one or two cubes and get a 30 second ad then another minute or so of play before another ad and so on... There’s more ads than game time so it’s frustrating. I gave up on it and deleted. I know ads appear in a free game but c’mon! It’s 2 thumbs way down!

  • pot-n-kettle - 2020-03-13 23:46:32

    Ads even after buying it...

    That’s crappy. Happy to pay for games, but all ads should stop after paying. Charge another $1 if you need the revenue, and stop the ads.

  • two Cherries - 2020-01-15 06:32:35

    Fun game but...

    Ability to rotate blocks ends after a few min. Unless you watch ads. Even after buying the no ad version.


Have fun together!
Place the cube to get a higher score!
How to play:
1. Drag the cube to the board
2.Use props to rotate cube
3. Eliminate the cubes in the board to get the score
Interesting props help you pass the level
Progressive difficulty from easy to difficult
Enjoy beautiful pictures and rich sound effects
A new exciting puzzle game with simple operation and exquisite interface. It is a happy puzzle game. Do you want to join the carnival?