Jump And Shoot!

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  • Jump And Shoot!
  • Jump And Shoot!
  • Jump And Shoot!
  • Jump And Shoot!
  • Jump And Shoot!


Developer Gameguru
BundleID mobi.gameguru.jumpandshoot
Version 0.2
Size 264.7MB
Released October 15,2019
Updated December 3,2019
Score 4.7
Review Num 16796
Support http://gameguru.mobi/contact.php
Language English
Rating 9+
Compatibility 9.0


  • markforquer - 2020-02-04 03:41:13

    Too repetitive

    Simple graphics. The situation is always the same. Also, when the laser is on it’s target, it’s easy to make a hit. It needs to be more of a challenge. Get rid of the laser guided aim. Thanks. MF Jacksonville FLORIDA

  • llzjf353-Killme - 2020-01-03 15:10:00

    Very good but the ADS

    It is a very good game but the amount of ads is so stupid after every single round you get a ad even if you don’t accept the watch a ad for 2 more keys

  • whothefukcares - 2020-01-19 09:31:36


    Why not have multiple character at once rather than two or three. And it should be continuous.


Jump and shoot is a unique puzzle game. Keep your timing and shoot at the right time while jumping in slow-motion.

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