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Developer App Rover
BundleID com.approver.voicechanger
Version 1.06.00
Size 35.6MB
Released February 19,2020
Updated February 19,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 341
Support http://approver-studio.com/products/voicetoaster/tos
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


Voice Toaster is the best app to modify your voice and having fun with your friends! This is the first app ever with a live preview of all the filters available. Try, record and share the funniest Toast you made. With both camera, try different filters and let your imagination work. Sending toast is the new trend, so don't miss the boat!

Toasts are a new way to communicate and have fun with the people you love. It's easy, download the app, then select a filter to modify your voice and there you go: your toast is ready to be sent!

Let your imagination do the rest!!
Voice Toaster is the most efficient voice changer app. Thanks to the latest innovations and the best technologies, your voice is modified in real time with the toast you chose. It is the first time ever, an app is able to offer this feature. Do not miss it, try it right now! But be careful, you may become an addict...

Unlock new Toasts via sharing videos to your friends, achieve challenges to own and use all the voice effects available.

To use the app, make sure to allow the camera and microphone, then speak into the microphone and record your toast. Increased your experience by using a headset to ear yourself live! 

//Filters available 

* God
* Old Microphone
* Baby
* Old
* Nerd
* The Black Knight
* Rylo Ken
* Electro Robot
* Demon
* Thundertrooper
* Autotune
* Droid
* Helium
* Z6PO
* Chipmunk
* Bone
* Almo
* Alien
* Derth Vedar 
* Santa

* Larry White

* Kiss

2 tips: 
Before using the app, make sure you gave access to the camera and microphone. Once it is done, just speak over the microphone and start recording it. 

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service: http://approver-studio.com/products/voicetoaster/tos

Have any questions or suggestions regarding the app? Our support team is ready to help you, contact us at support-voice-toaster@approver-studio.com