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Developer Ectoplastic
BundleID com.mazetools.mutant
Version 1.029
Size 100.6MB
Released March 27,2020
Updated July 15,2020
Score 4
Review Num 21
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • Über monkey 1337 - 2020-04-09 13:09:12

    No sound. At all. Broken

    Seriously. Everything is making sound on my phone except this one app. No sound. At all. Ever. No matter what I do. iPhone 10 XS Max You’d think a new app, out of the box, would play sound. Especially when other apps like YouTube and Spotify do play sounds. Well I found that the little switch above my volume button was set to off. Once turned on, the app started playing sound. It’d be nice if the app warned me to flip it on.

  • customer18492 - 2020-04-13 10:49:28

    fun and interesting, but still needs better documentation

    I raised it to three stars because now I understand it better, but documentation is still an issue. The web site doesn’t really help enough, so we’d benefit from more methodical descriptions of features and functions. Also, it’s very helpful when you interact with users at the Audiobus Forums, so an extra star just for that kind of user support.

  • feral$$ - 2020-04-17 02:20:42

    Tactile and intuitive complex system

    Even though the app crashed when the program first arrived on my iPad the company immediately addressed the issue and now it works really well on iOS 12 for an iPad. Just play with, as if you spend time you’ll find its very intuitive even in its complex arrangements and shifting portals. Cool synth to add to my mix of other compositional tools.

Promotional Text

Mutant invites you to experiment with sounds and play rhythms on the surface of a Hypercube. Turn it, to experience your composition in multiple variations.


Easy-to-use through intuitive controllers and sequence based creative flow
7 Instruments: Synth, String, Bass, Arp, Drums, Percussion and Sampler (granular) 
7 Tesseract Composition Presets (Hypercubes) with different instrumentation and acoustic environment
8 Musical perspectives per Hypercube
9 Quantization-Modes per instrument (Bass, Arp, Drum, Perc)
130 Drums sounds & Native Sample Library with field recordings and acoustic instruments 
Stereo Audio Recording (Wave) & Microphone Recording
Multiplayer Collaboration via OSC on a local Wifi
In-App Guide 

The musical environment is based on 7 instruments: Synth, Bass, Arp, String, Drums, Percussion and Sampler. 
All interactions are recorded and played back in loops.
Each instrument have 4 main controllers for rhythmic impulses and timing, envelope and pitch curves, filters, distortion, chorus and echo effects. 

Turn the Hypercube and switch between 8 variations of your current composition. They will differ in chord, speed and pitch. 
You can also choose between seven cubes, each with another acoustic environment.

Take snapshots to hold your current state and get immediately back to it. You can save all Snapshots to a session file, which you can share with other platforms. 
You can sample your voice with the mic input, choose samples from a library or insert your own. 
Record everything (main channel) to a stereo wave audio file and use it for your music and art.

Make music together by a new approach: Once connected to the Collab mode, your current session gets shared to other Mutants. 
You can start a session together, experience and listen to it from different perspective. 
Just log into the same Wifi, activate Collab and start collaborate across platforms.

Mazetools stands for a specific kind of creativity, one that visualizes the connection between the magic of the moment and the conscious reflection of progress. Our focus is to provide a unique and organic musical experience and to enable the exploration of sound, an experience that extends to non-musicians as well.

We’re Stephan and Jakob, the small team behind Mazetools. Our work on improvements and new features is steadily going on. If you have any problems, you can reach us directly by Please abstain from writing to the store.
You can follow us on your preferred social network or subscribe to the Mazetools newsletter on our website.
Stay tuned for the future & enjoy exploring Mutant!