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Developer William Tanguay
BundleID com.william.musiz
Version 1.0
Size 55.1MB
Released October 1,2019
Updated October 1,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 7312
Language English ,Japanese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • reddylant - 2019-11-13 11:43:30

    It’s missing a lot

    So I’ve read a few reviews and they all seem to talking about the same thing. How the old Musi was so much better etc. but they’re right. I’m not complaining about the ads they honestly don’t bother since they don’t seem to interrupt the music, but what does bother me is the search results, they way you have to add music in playlists and that I can’t recover all my music from my old phone. So first with the search results. On the old one if you search a band or song the results are 90% of THAT band and THEIR music. I just did a search on a very specific song from a very specific band and only 2 results were what I typed in, everything was completely random stuff that didn’t relate to the song/band unlike the old Musi. Next is how you add music. On the old Musi you added songs by tapping on the plus sign and then it asked you WHERE you wanted to add the song. On this one, you have to add it to the library and then make a playlist and then add it in instead of being able to do it all at once. The old one just seemed more prepared for people that make a lot of albums like me. And finally, I just wish you made this app able to recover the 100+ songs I had on it.

  • Itz.Joshua - 2019-11-14 08:18:39


    Apple. Why? Why can’t you just bring back the old Musi. It was way better. Please the whole community would be happy. For those who deleted and I was one of them. The old musi app had no ads, a good equalizer, and was easier to sort songs in a playlist. Guys just bring the freaking app back. How hard is it? The original was wayyy better than this one. Please I would be so happy and my cousins and my friends well technically everyone that I know but seriously just bring back the original please please please please please please bring it back i will be the happiest person alive. THANK YOU!!

  • AnnaGA_02 - 2019-11-13 09:49:34


    YES. I lost my mind when this app went off. you can skip, move to where you want in the song, set a sleep timer , etc. I’m in love and can finally search up my songs again. 🤩


Musill is a great music player you won't wanna miss, Best way to find and listen to the trending music! With Musill, you can listen any music or songs in music playlist.

√ Millions of Music
Tons of music are here waiting for you, You can find every song and music you like on music player.

√ Powerful Music Player
It is a Powerful music player app, An amazing MP3 player, listen to the songs music anytime, anywhere you like.

√ Great Listening Experience
music player perfectly supported the Non-stop Music Playing.

√ Well Picked up Music Playlist
Music genres like Pop, Rock, Electronic, R&B, and Country music.

√ Create your own Music Playlists
Mark the music you like to the favorite playlist, Create your own Playlists, Personalized Music Playlists.

Please NOTE:
This app just an online music player, we do not provide any local music search or free music/ mp3/ songs download.