Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter

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  • Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter
  • Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter
  • Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter
  • Ghost Detector: Spirit Hunter


Developer Joseph Peaden
BundleID com.GhostHunterXL
Version 1.1
Size 80.6MB
Released October 13,2019
Updated November 5,2019
Score 4.3
Review Num 122
Language English
Rating 9+
Compatibility 9.0


  • brezee90 - 2020-01-12 04:30:28

    Okay so...Shadow/Hat Man

    Hella long story short... i was listening to the podcasts the other day and i made this realization that I think the shadow man may be attached to me. I’ve seen him. I have a picture with him after i was scratched the last time I played ouija (4 years ago). I also have a picture of a goat beast thing behind me too. They interrupted us saying goodbye. Only my pictures have them and they’re hard to see at first. I cried my eyes out the other night realizing this. I wanted to buy a spirit box but figured I should let myself back off a little bit right now. I got this app. I opened it up. Not even 3 minutes later and an anomaly is right next to me. I didn’t even say anything or ask anything. Just opened it and continued to watch netflix. I’m choosing to believe it’s my mother. Cause it’s midnight. No camera tonight. No touch tonight. No. I’m seeing a psychic soon. Hopefully I will get some answers. I’ve been trying to find the courage to write corey and aaron. **Update on tonight: ran the radar again for about 10 minutes. An anomaly popped up two more times. Not on the times I asked if it was my mother. May update y’all tomorrow. Went to the bathroom for a few minutes. Put the app up as it’s 1PM. Two dots popped up at separate times. He could’ve moved i guess. I definitely have something attached to me though. Maybe two things.

  • Fujskshehxyyh - 2019-11-13 14:46:35

    so scary!!

    So I live in a residence hall and it's always been said to be haunted because of some apparent suicides and stuff a long time ago. We downloaded the app to see if we could find anything. At first we turned on the radar and nothing happened for a few minutes but then something appeared but just for a second, so we decided to test the touch thing. We asked it a few times to touch the screen and finally it touched the screen on the top corner(where we asked it). We were so scared but still skeptical so we had some friends come to our room to see. Again it took a while for something to appear on the radar and then when we went on the touch screen it kept tapping on the spots we told it to!!!

  • themythbuster2019 - 2019-11-25 15:56:36

    Haunted apartment?

    So I’m renting an apartment with roommates and I tried the radar option nothing happened until a few minutes later it went of, so I thought it was a fluke then I asked if something was near me to make a noise then my smoke detector goes off and there’s only three the one in my roommates room the small living area and my room but only mine went off one time so I thought it was a coincidence so I asked again but this time it went off two times then I get spooked so I called a friend from out of town and put him on speaker while using the app he asks the ghost/spirit to do it again and to my surprise the alarm goes off three times and only in my room

Promotional Text

Locate spirits and ghosts


Discover spirits and ghosts using 3 different modes!

* Locate spirits using the Radar Mode

* Communicate with ghosts using Ghost Touch Mode

* Attempt to see these entities on camera using Vision Mode

Good luck, and good hunting!

This app is not guaranteed to allow the user to detect/communicate with ghosts/spirits, since such activities cannot be scientifically verified.