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Developer Ryan Boyling
BundleID com.ios.rbcdown.Countdown
Version 1.6
Size 23.1MB
Released October 3,2019
Updated November 19,2019
Score 3.5
Review Num 19161
Language English ,Italian ,Portuguese ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 12.1

Comment information

  • CHICKENQUAN - 2019-11-20 11:06:03

    Say the truth

    I got the app because my friend made me cause we just saw the movie but i didn’t want to and either did she, so she said if she downloads it i have to so she did and she had like 35 years and then i downloaded it and i had 2 years and 229 days and now I’m scared. I had cancer already and i was always thinking will i die sooner if i had cancer? And now i don’t know if i will die on 2 years or not and i don’t know if people are faking it or not and it’s scaring me and I’m here crying looking at the reviews and they are saying it’s real and i don’t know if i should believe them or not. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS APP IS REAL AND DO NOT LIE

  • jnhgihgg - 2019-11-20 07:29:23

    I don’t think it’s real 👹👿🤪

    Honestly it can’t be real because only God knows when you die. Also when you think you are going to die at a certain time then it might happen if you really believe it. To the creators if you can make more scary music and also don’t make me wait so long to hear it. Also whenever I try to take the picture it glitched and logs me off the game and I have to try again.😤 I’m just saying if you read the comments then you can obviously 🙄 see that they are fake!! Everything else is good and this is quite the game to get if you don’t believe in that kind of stuff.

  • Crack My Finger - 2019-11-20 14:33:18


    This app is stupid , I was expecting to get 34 years but no I didn’t even get a year I literally got 144 days and 144 days is not even a year it is like 3 months and I was very disappointed. So what the hell we gonna do now! I will not be downloading this app ever again since I did not get a good amount of years or days to live. Not going to lie but I was very scared to download this app. So thanks and I might watch the movie Sincerely, Unknown

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Death? There's an app for that.


Your countdown is waiting. Based on the horror movie Countdown, this app will predict exactly how long is left.

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WARNING: This application may not be suitable for users with epilepsy.

This application contains vibrations, sounds, music and use of your iPhone torch in order to create the horror experience.

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Disclaimer: this app is for entertainment purposes. Results should not be taken seriously.