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Developer IGG.COM
BundleID com.igg.ios.wildbrawlers
Version 1.1.719
Size 607.5MB
Released March 3,2020
Updated March 11,2020
Score 3.9
Review Num 195
Support https://www.igg.com
Language English ,Chinese
Rating 9+
Compatibility 9.0


  • BrownMax1 - 2020-03-23 02:53:58

    It’s fun in its own ways but...

    I can see many elements that was taken from Brawl Stars to here. Now I don’t mind it whenever a game wants to try to be a similar but different game to a bigger one. But there are some things that I have to address. First off is the event mode that y’all have with the ladder. The most boring mode I’ve ever played in a long time. Why did you make it the respawn time like a vacation. Why is there a “Time Golem” that makes it already impossible to spawn back with the respawn time. I haven’t won a single game because of just how long yet impossible it is to win the game mode Ladder. Second off, actually pair me up with people that play the game. All I get is bots that are named by people’s names. And I already know how bots work so don’t try to fool me saying those are actual people. Third off Nerf the BUNNY. THE BUNNY IS WAY TOO OVER POWERED. Kills me with ease and my “teammates” if you wanna call them that. Fourth off, the pets. I like them but shards? Really? And the mastery also works that way with shards? REALLY? It completely goes over the point of trying to get the boxes to unlock character shards or even trying to unlock a character. And what is the point of getting gold bars? The only currencies that seems usable is the tokens the tickets the coins and the diamonds. If the gold is only used for the shards, I see no use because I DO NOT LIKE IT. When a game persuades me on trying to get shards for pets and masteries, already rips out the fun out of the boxes. The game modes on the other hand “besides the fruit grab” is actually pretty fun since it’s on its own terms on how the game makes their modes unique. Like bounty and going against other people all by yourself, or the other 2 game modes that I can’t ever remember. That’s all fine. Even the ticket one is fine but maybe making it a little more easier by actually giving me people who are controlling their characters and not the bots. The Characters have A WHOLE LOAD OF ELEMENTS OF HOW IT RIPS OFF BRAWL STARS. But that’s beside the point I’m gonna say, I really do enjoy y’all giving the characters some back story to them. Which makes any character I have more unique on how they thrive and all. If the issues above are fixed I’m pretty sure this game will be like a counter part as Overwatch and Paladin.

  • Kman0222 - 2020-04-13 20:50:14

    I really enjoy this game.

    I see a lot of negative remarks about this being a rip off of Brawl Stars. I wish those hypocrites knew how many of the games they love and play are rip offs of other games that they just don’t know. Yes this is similar to Brawl Stars, but there are few distinct differences which I thoroughly enjoy. 1st - Pets! They are a nice add to the game that lets you tweak your set up a bit more evening depending on which game type you’re playing. 2nd - Different style of art and camera angle. This brings a different feel for me to the combat and games that I love. 3rd - Different game types unique only to Wild Brawlers. I LOVE some of the game types the Wild Brawlers has come out with that no other games have. Overall I’m loving this game. It has its issues with some bugs and such just like any other game, but I’ll gladly see where it goes.

  • mimidianxine - 2020-03-31 17:29:17


    一款有爆款潜质的好游戏,却毁于无法登陆这样不该存在的BUG! 这几天游戏战斗场景变卡了,游戏战斗场景的断线重连更是没成功过,游戏非战斗场景也无法做到无缝链接,切出游戏几秒钟就会登陆协议失效,游戏登陆的各种问题已经超过20天未解决了


Wild Brawlers - Battle Royale Shoot 'Em Up!

[Game Features]

*Competitive free-style PVP shooting battles
In Wild Brawlers, there is only one rule: get out there and shoot 'em all! Challenge players worldwide to a fast-paced shooting battle in under three minutes. Now's your chance to prove your worth!

*Features dozens of fan-favorite animal Brawlers
Pick your favorite Brawlers among a cast of quirky animals with unique personalities and playstyles.

*Multiple innovative game modes to choose from
Wild Brawlers features a plethora of classic game modes like Capture the Flag, Battle Royale, and Tower Defense, with innovative random stage elements to keep things interesting! Stand your ground on an ever-changing battlefield!

*Recruit Pet minions with powerful Abilities
Pet minions are more than just adorable battle companions. Their unique Abilities allow you to freely customize your Brawler's playstyle! Experiment with different setups to find the combination that suits you best!