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Developer mohit bohra
BundleID com.Lexcorp.FruitThieves
Version 1.0
Size 154.8MB
Released September 12,2019
Updated September 12,2019
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Promotional Text

Protect your harvest from notorious thieves around in this fun filled free casual game , Fruit Thieves


The story starts with the player being a 
farmer growing multiple fruits in his orchard but unfortunately there are notorious thieves around . The farmer has to reap the fruits on time and if they are unable to do so the thieves make their move and steal them 
The gameplay is as :

When the fruits mature they start rotating and they have to tapped correctly as mentioned in a target window . The fruits will be rotating for 15 seconds and if the player is unable to tap them in the mentioned timeframe the thief is active and steals the fruits