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Developer Oddrok Oy
BundleID com.oddrok.earlyworm
Version 1.0.3
Size 148.2MB
Released February 5,2020
Updated February 6,2020
Score 4.7
Review Num 2475
Support http://www.oddrok.com
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • Lovebird730 - 2020-08-02 03:31:33

    Fun & Challenging

    I’m usually partial to logic based puzzles, not any kind jumper/platform/action. I prefer calm & tranquil vibes, since I’m anxious enough as it is lol. But the simple, clean graphics & frankly super adorable lil worm won me over. I’m so glad! Gameplay is kinda like a pinball machine meets non-timed logic/physics puzzlers. Challenge builds up steadily to acclimate, quick enough to keep interest, & puzzle variation to keep you thinking. It’s not timed, & there hasn’t been any kinda enemy/threat that’d put you on edge. There’s been levels that have frustrated me, but nothing a brief break didn’t fix 😊I’m grateful I gave Early Worm a try, it’s been fun, exciting, & it’s been a great stepping stone out of my comfort zone! A big thank you to the developers for this awesome game! Bonus: it’s free!!! PS. Yes, since it’s free, it does have ads. Yes, there’s an ad between levels. I do not hold this against the game. Plus, longer ads have a fast forward! I thoroughly believe people have been spoiled by so many ad-free options, & lack patience. I fully understand that a free game must earn revenue, & it’s beyond unfair to knock them for doing so w/ ads. As long as they’re not distracting or mess/outweigh w/ gameplay, which isn’t the case here. Is a 10-15 second ad between levels that bad, people?

  • Kenna Kenny Mc. - 2020-08-06 05:03:53

    Not the worst...but also not the best

    I don’t normally write reviews on ANYTHING! But I did feel like I should write something for this game...while I was initially excited to play ,after seeing an ad for it on another game, I was very excited to get this game...by the third “chapter,” as it’s called in the game, I was completely taken aback. This game got very hard, obviously. But this time I had to look up tutorials on YouTube on how to complete the levels. It made me very anxious too...something that rarely happens to me because of a GAME. Even though this game is very hard to compete and very challenging, I will praise it’s aesthetic and graphics. The worm is very cute and the colors mesh together to crate a truly “interesting” experience. While I don’t mean to bash the game...there are other games out there if you want a challenge. Leo’s Fortune, one of my favorite mobile games EVER, is a good option (it is $4.99 now but it used to be free). I’m not saying don’t play this game...but look into other options before downloading. That’s all I’m saying.

  • 376( - 2020-07-23 06:57:16

    Best game I’ve downloaded in 6 months!!

    Now I know the title my sound over exaggerated but, with recent shut down and everything I have way more time on my hands. Which is fine because it’s important in keeping others safe. But I’ve downloaded so many games and either I finish all the levels in two days or I get stuck on a level and quit. But this game is a perfect balance of enjoyable yet challenging, I absolutely love the squishy worm. I will say I’ve only downloaded this game yesterday, or today? so I know very little about how everything plays out and how long you can play it.

Promotional Text

** New puzzle platformer game **


Are you the Early Worm that catches the apple? 

Early worm is family friendly physics based platformer about a worm that wants to collect all the apples. 

Sling your worm around 80 levels full of surprises: 
- Stick to walls and ceilings with honey, bounce on the mushroom beds!
- Dive into the deep waters with diving bell! 
- Jump around and solve mechanical puzzles! 
- Thumble up and down in a rotating cube!
- Fling into the mysterious blackstuff and float around in the antigravity! 
- These and many more crazy things await you in Early Worm.  

Wake up early and start jumping now! Can you make it to the end?

• Colourful graphics
• Family friendly gameplay
• 80 levels
• Physics!

Game has advertisements and a No Ads purchase.