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Developer cindy zhang
BundleID com.cindy.musiplayer
Version 1.0.5
Size 67.8MB
Released September 28,2019
Updated June 29,2020
Score 5
Review Num 1325
Language English ,Japanese ,Portuguese ,Spanish
Rating 17+
Compatibility 9.0


  • Keiandre Ellsworthe - 2020-06-14 19:45:09


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  • Spoopy dumpling - 2019-10-30 06:28:45

    It’s good but weird

    When I first got this app it was really good but later it got weird. All the songs couldn’t be played and when I tried another it switched from before this song and the current one. I hope you can fix this


ChordRadio provides radio stations in most parts of the world, and we have reorganized the radio stations by type, such as sports radio stations and music radio stations, so that you can listen to them easily. At the same time, we also select a large number of online music, you can create your own playlist to collect music, The UI has also been redesigned to provide an immersive playback experience, allowing you to use the app more happily.
Key Features:
▲World wide radio stations.
▲Featured Music.
▲Create playlists as per your mood. Favorite songs and custom playlist.
▲Search your favorite music.
▲Sleep Timer.

ChordRadio is an online music video app.
The online music video in ChordRadio comes from the Youtube Developer API.
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