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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 4958 4344
Income 16000 -

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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Developer ZPLAY
BundleID com.armnomads.kolorit
Version 1.1
Size 810.9MB
Released September 30,2019
Updated December 5,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 18196
Support http://zplay.com
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • Ari0432 - 2019-12-02 07:26:04


    I love this game...I really do. But I couldn’t even play the game anymore for some reason. So I was playing the game for a little while and then I got kind of bored of it so I left it for a little while. So like an hour or two later I decide that I wanna play is again so I go back to play it and it won’t even let me play. Like there’s a bonus level and right after I complete it it just sends me to this blue screen with blue question marks and I can’t even play it anymore. So until I’m able to play it again I’m gonna keep it at three stars. Thx for reading :) Update: So I tried deleting it and reloading loading and it happens again..just an FYI

  • WhovianKlainerInTheTARDIS - 2019-12-03 03:40:50

    Legendary Colors

    The Legendary Colors are pretty neat but they’re only available for a number of minutes at a time? Are you guys for real? And even when I got to level 300, I only get the Legendary Color after watching an ad for 4 hours? And sure, I can just buy them, but I’m not spending my money on a game I’m unsure I’m going to play for a long time. And compared to the Legendary Colors, the rest of the colors are pretty boring so that honestly just makes me want to delete the game. You probably wanted to get people to invest money in the game by adding those colors, but it’s unfortunately having the opposite effect for some.

  • Kaylalovespandas721 - 2019-12-01 11:03:20

    It’s a great game but...

    I LOVE Kolor it! It’s the most satisfying game I’ve ever played. But the thing is, it doesn’t cover the whole thing sometimes. I have an OCD problem and it just freaks me out when it happens. Sometimes it covers the whole thing but other times it doesn’t. Like last time I played it it didn't cover up the whole circle or whatever shape it was. I also think you should place the balls in like a cool shape. Like when you are about to start moving around the balls but before your doing that the balls were all making a shape as a heart or a start or something. That’s really all I wanna say. GREAT GAME!!!


Rotate the platform and roll the colorful balls over it to bring the colors to the world! The satisfaction from painting the figures  provides ultimate relaxing experience, meantime it constantly piques your interest to uncover new figures. Along with the intuitive one hand control Kolor it will become one of the favorite time killers on your device.

- Paint the platform to uncover the geometric figure hidden in the shade.
- Explore 75+ uniquely created platforms
- Uncover 35+ Special figures
- Unlock 27 funny and interesting skins
- Enjoy the beautiful colors and the aesthetics of the game.
- See the astonishing visual effects