Trivia for Stranger Things


  • Trivia for Stranger Things
  • Trivia for Stranger Things
  • Trivia for Stranger Things
  • Trivia for Stranger Things


Developer Edwin Chavesta
BundleID com.chaves.triviastrangerthings
Version 1.0
Size 50.2MB
Released August 11,2019
Updated August 11,2019
Score 2.42857
Review Num 21
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • by zoeykzimmerman🦄🦄 - 2019-10-07 01:13:04

    It’s a pretty bad app...

    I downloaded this app because I am obsessed with stranger things. That only have the first two seasons and barley anything about the second. Most of the answers are wrong!! For example it said, in the first season, Joyce contacts will through the ouija board. And barb was taken by the demogorgon is false! Sooo many ads that you can’t skip that are very long. Overall do not buy this app! It is a scam!

  • CrystalGemWolf - 2019-11-09 21:13:44

    So bad dont download!

    I was excited for this app bc like most, I am obsessed with Stranger Things, but most of the questions are wrong! And i knkw they are bc. I was watching the episode the question wa sin!

  • ivan lasagna - 2020-03-01 04:26:17


    Why when I put the right answer it says that I’m wrong. There was one that says what does eleven suffer from after she shut mike’s door and I put nosebleed but it said I was wrong.

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