Block Puzzle 3D

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  • Block Puzzle 3D
  • Block Puzzle 3D
  • Block Puzzle 3D
  • Block Puzzle 3D
  • Block Puzzle 3D
  • Block Puzzle 3D


Developer 福珍 杨
BundleID niao.CurvedTetris
Version 2.5
Size 194.5MB
Released August 28,2019
Updated October 11,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 4427
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Aaliyah01 - 2020-09-13 20:42:29

    Great game but too many ads, making it impossible to play

    I find this game very relaxing however, there are too many ads that disrupt the middle of the game then you lose your place! 30 sec video ads in the MIDDLE of the game. Not even nicely placed like between levels. And if you don’t have Internet so you can’t get the ad, they just end the level while you’re in the middle of playing it. You can’t play no more than 3-5 mins without an ad. I imagine the creator doesn’t actually care if we enjoy the game, only that they get paid

  • MaresyGrl - 2020-09-30 06:13:37

    Beware, the “free version”

    Beware - after watching the ads, you frequently don’t get to “skip” a piece. My son recently observed, there’s also no real point to this game. I got to 84,000 points and after watching an ad, my game ended abruptly. It also uses a ton of data - the ads will eat data up. So, if you’re on limited data like I am, this isn’t a good ap.

  • Votainastrum - 2020-10-01 11:38:30

    Fun, but....

    Really fun, however, I’ve beaten level 94 multiple times but it never shows it on the home screen. I’ve beaten up to level 98 but the home screen is perpetually stuck on 94.


Welcome to Block Puzzle 3D! The classic gameplay but creative. Block Puzzle 3D has simple gameplay and rule, that makes Block Puzzle 3D suitable for all ages!

In Block Puzzle 3D, you will experience different Blocks—Block Puzzle 3D! Use blocks to fill a circle and destroy them. Fill more circle, get more score at one time. 
Alignment! Put down! Destroy!

Focus on the cylinder! Do not put blocks in wrong place! Because it has time limit. If time out, it will rise a circle. If the top circle touch the limited circle, you lose. So try your best to fill more circle as quickly as possible.

Block Puzzle 3D
Suitable for all ages
classic but creative

Please enjoy Block Puzzle 3D free! Download now!