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  • Push It!


Developer Midnite
BundleID srl.midnighttea.pushit
Version 0.20
Size 290.3MB
Released July 30,2019
Updated May 23,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 6742
Support https://www.midnite.games/contact
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • Null00000000000 - 2020-03-16 01:18:03

    I broke the game lol

    So I started to play the game because I just wanted to see how hard I can crash it. The game was fun until the first few levels, after which I started to try and see if I can complete a level the way it is not supposed to be completed. And to my suprise you can push a ball using another ball which allows you to change the direction of the ball and with that knowledge I finish about a couple of levels with pushing the balls and sending it diagonally I give it a 2 star because it was getting repetitive and I’m not the kind of guy who likes repetitive stuff, but I did enjoy playing the game

  • minderk - 2020-04-16 19:31:49

    Lip stick on a pig

    Reached the end of the game and waited for an update. It came. Had high hopes for the update that the “more levels” would be more challenging. Perhaps looking good and unchallenging is what the developers are going for. If so, they nailed it.

  • okiealxxx - 2020-03-03 04:48:14

    Can’t even play

    it looks fun. i only got to complete two rounds before it started shut down on me or not let me see what i’m doing. not cool. deleting right away and not recommending


Push It is a relaxing, mind-bending, fun little puzzle game.

Your goal is to fill every single hole with a ball. 
To do so, simply push the buttons to release the balls in the correct order. 

Sounds easy? Can you pass level 18?