Idle Bungee Tycoon


  • Idle Bungee Tycoon
  • Idle Bungee Tycoon
  • Idle Bungee Tycoon
  • Idle Bungee Tycoon


Developer Wenwen Zhong
BundleID com.idle.pengpengpeng
Version 1.4.1
Size 127.3MB
Released September 28,2019
Updated December 28,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 27
Language English
Rating 9+
Compatibility 9.0


A new extreme sport has come to the playground
Don't do anything. Just jump down with your eyes closed.

You can buy equipment, upgrade the surrounding environment, increase ticket prices, and make money more efficient!

Looking at their dizziness,
By the way, I counted the money in my hand, and unconsciously smiled with satisfaction.

Come on, open another one!