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  • Dashy Flight
  • Dashy Flight
  • Dashy Flight
  • Dashy Flight
  • Dashy Flight


Developer zhangcao
BundleID com.lez.drift
Version 1.4.5
Size 263.0MB
Released September 28,2019
Updated September 28,2019
Support http://www.zhangcao.cn
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • Dan17Stern - 2019-08-31 15:25:51

    A good game with flaws

    I love this game but there’s one problem. Right when it reaches level 90 something or lower than 90 something it freezes when you do any races. Can you guys fix that? Yours truly Daniel Maloney.

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***Wild racing: take a deep breath and create a racing legend***
has the world's top fighter models, including bf-109, Spitfire, p-38... Adf-01, space-shu, millennium falcon, etc.
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Exciting racing
·Make timely prediction, response and avoidance according to gravity tilt and mechanical concept and direction indicator icon at each corner.
·The higher the level, the more curves you will encounter and the more difficult the journey will be.
·When you successfully pass the contest, you will receive a diamond award!
·We've created truly amazing maps of rain forests, snow plains, and deserts, allowing you to zip through the most beautiful places in the world!
·When your PlayStage reaches level 35 you can unlock Endless mode, Endless mode with 3 chances a day, you can also use diamond get ticket,you could Refresh every day!

Synthetic upgrade of advanced aircraft
·Airfields can park planes, different levels of aircraft can bring you different income, even if you leave the game can continue to earn gold.
·When your plane gets upgraded,you can get the new airfields,It will also unlocked new airplane,the new airplane will be an increase in control and speed.
· Starting with bf-109, earn more gold by continuously synthesizing and upgrading them to higher level aircraft! The new plane you need to buy is upgraded, and you need more gold,if you want,you need some diamonds to get Free UpGrade,Upgrade to advanced airplane immediately.

Leisure play
· lucky spin: every spin can get rich rewards (free recovery time, free revenue amount, etc.)
· check-in: landing every day can get abundant prizes (diamonds, time, aircraft, etc.)
· airdrop: on the game page, you can randomly click the "landing airdrop" to get aircraft rewards!
· Queats: you can get rewards or achievement rewards for everyday tasks!
· time travel: you can buy all kinds of useful tools with diamonds!
· shop: there are over 50 different types of aircraft in the shop, which can be purchased by collecting gold COINS and diamonds.

·In each fierce league, through the fingertips of the slide, complete each time the most exciting drift! 
This is undoubtedly the most fun on the mobile phone to accelerate the game!
 Download it now! Meet your visual feast!

While our games are free to play, some items can be purchased through the equipment store to improve your aircraft's attributes.

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