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Developer Y A QU A
BundleID tv.yaqua.WordsOut
Version 2.6.
Size 49.2MB
Released December 10,2019
Updated June 23,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 885
Support https://8words-games.com/words-out
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • HoneyB2016 - 2020-06-10 07:43:15

    Love it but...

    Update: sometimes if you use a wrong letter and you click to watch a video so you can keep going, it takes your coins instead. I’ve lost quite a few coins this way expecting a video but got my coins taken. I’m not giving up on this game though! I still love it! Also, the constant pop up about the fact that you can get help with a word (for 50 coins which is way too much in my opinion, especially since you took away the free reward) is annoying. Every time I pause to think about my next move it pops up. It didn’t used to do that. The newest update has taken away the free milestone reward. You have to now watch yet another video to receive any reward. There are too many videos to watch. I would be glad to purchase the game to not have so many ads because I really do love this game! *** I cannot get past level 45. It’s way too hard to win this level with no double or triple cards. I like that this game is challenging but this level feels impossible!

  • edcm1234 - 2020-06-03 13:16:07

    Love this game

    I love this game, but there are a couple of things it does that make me stop playing. Sometimes when I use the blank card the letter it chooses creates a word that doesn’t exist so there is no way I can finish the game. (It doesn’t end the game, so the word just cannot be played.) Another thing the game does is that sometimes it will drop your letter in the wrong place. There should be an option of an immediate undo - or maybe the opportunity for one or two reverses in a game. Otherwise it just makes you want to delete the game off your phone.

  • mrssoenso - 2020-06-02 04:17:46

    Rare purchase

    I have to really enjoy a game to buy it. That being said, I bought this because I liked it well enough to rid myself of the ads, but lo and behold, even after purchase they aren’t gone!! I also don’t like the fact that when you get a “blank” card, the game selects a letter for you. I’d like to choose my own.

Promotional Text

Choose the best words to score the most points.
Test your vocabulary and spelling skills through hundreds of difficulty levels


Make words with cards to win points without ever making a mistake. 
Exercise your brain to solve the 250 levels of the game. 


For each new level, drag and drop the cards on the board.

Each card is a letter you must add on a row in order to continue or complete a word.
And the longest the words are, the highest points you score to complete the level.

Don’t need to be a “living dictionary “ ! : there is always a right place for a new letter .
Just make the right choice upon the 4 possible boxes… 
But if you don’t, you will have to start the level from scratch !

In addition, whenever you make a correct word you must make a choice : 

• "WORDS IN" = keep the cards on the board (by betting that you will make a longer word )
• "WORDS OUT" = cash out the points and start over a new word

Choose carefully the right strategy to complete each level …


As an apprentice , you should easily achieve the 1st levels of the game.

But the more the level will increase and the more you will have to create longer words using more and more cards in order to pass the next level :

From apprentice to virtuoso there are more than 250 levels waiting for you before reaching the hall of fame !

Sounds difficult ? don’t worry : all along the game there will be boosters and wildcards specially created to help you in you progression  :

The Dictionnary; The Bin; The Blank Card; The Double Card; The Triple Card; The Bonus Card etc.

The way you will manage those boosters will add an extra layer of strategy to the way you will play the game.


"Words out" is based on the most classic and simple gameplay of solitaire that is perfectly tailored for coffee break, in the subway or even in boring meetings!

"Words out" will provide hours of entertainment for you and your whole family.