Wrecking Ball!

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 382 220
Income 8459 10788

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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  • Wrecking Ball!
  • Wrecking Ball!
  • Wrecking Ball!
  • Wrecking Ball!
  • Wrecking Ball!


Developer Popcore GmbH
BundleID com.popcore.wreckingball
Version 2.2
Size 159.7MB
Released September 29,2019
Updated December 6,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 10899
Support http://popcore.com
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0

Comment information

  • • Maysi • - 2019-12-14 08:04:23

    Not enjoying this game...

    Okay so I downloaded this game on my phone so I have a few apps to play while I’m bored but this honestly has way to many ads with the game itself, they also don’t even entertain you and I get this is supposed to be a nice satisfying game to play but this game is very hard to play. Here we are to my main complaint that makes this game almost IMPOSSIBLE, how much ads they put is an ordinary complaint but the hole point of the game itself is very hard and won’t get you calmed or enjoyed of it, this game itself is impossible after only 3 rounds when you start the hole game is very hard and when it hits it makes you very disappointed that you only had 5 tries and not even half of the thing broke. Plus if you wanted to have another 2 tries you would have to watch an ad but after those 2 tries the game still hasn’t finished and you now have to watch another AD and makes a waste of time if you want to actually enjoy the game. I spent 5 ads on ONLY ONE level and it took me SO long. Unless you want to waste your time on ads then this game might be for you but if your like me then this game is just terrible and a waste of your space. Thank you for reading my opinion on this game, hope it helps you before you start to download random things!

  • hfjsvicbsjdunshdnwjs NBC gsj - 2019-12-10 07:31:22

    Not worth your time

    This game lived in my phone for years without me even looking at it. And when I had a lot of storage wasted I got rid of this game first. I’ll tell you why. Reason number one this game has a MILLON ADS and they are after every level!! And I spend more time looking at them than the game. Reason number two the concept of this game is not developed, the summery would be: wreak stuff with a ball. And after some time it just gets boring. Reason number three I downloaded this game again to see if anything had changed and the update just ruined it much much more. Reason number four they don’t really have much more to do in the game it’s just wreaking stuff which gets CRAZY boring after you pass level 50ish and then you basically have nothing to do after that. Reason number five it’s not worth your time reason number six and if your here reading reviews than take my warning for the sake of your storage and your fun don’t get this game it’s just not worth it

  • LindyChris - 2019-12-10 07:49:34

    How does this game have such high reviews

    Insane amount of ads, ignores the laws of physics, I had something floating in the air that didn’t fall. Once you play a few levels it’s impossible to even finish a level without watching four ads to get more moves. Very stupid. I pay real money to play lots of games and this one is just a drag. It would be very fun with fewer (or zero) ads and making it actually possible to win with the allotted moves without watching 100 stupid and very long ads between each turn. It makes people lose interest really quickly when every 15 seconds of gameplay is interrupted by a 45 second ad.


You'll never be bored when you have all this destruction ahead of you. Move your aim, focus on the tricky shapes, and just shoot! Watch those huge shapes crumble to tiny pieces after each perfect turn — and feel how oddly satisfying it is for yourself!

Wrecking Ball is tricky enough to require all of your focus! It keeps players from getting bored at all ages. Focus your skills to make a move — can you get that 'perfect turn'?

Use all your skills in this tricky and oddly satisfying game, to shoot your wrecking ball at different shapes and ensure maximum destruction! Focus on making a perfect turn, level after level!

Destruction is inevitable in this tricky and oddly satisfying game!

Wrecking Ball features:

+ Do you have enough skills to collect all the skins?

+ Complete level after level!

+ Focus on destruction!

+ Make a move!

+ Oddly satisfying, for kids and adults!

+ Focus your mind, get that perfect turn!

+ So tricky, you'll need all your skills!

+ Bored? Never again!

+ Destruction is inevitable in this wrecking ball game!

+ Bored kids? Let them play this oddly satisfying game!

+ Level up your destruction skills!

+ If you're bored, just make another move!

+ Will your move be a perfect turn?

What are you waiting for? Start playing now!