Ninja Prime: Tap Quest

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 2571 1693
Income 4924 9222

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest
  • Ninja Prime: Tap Quest


Developer Iron Horse Games LLC
BundleID com.topcog.idleninjaprime
Version 1.0.1
Size 86.9MB
Released September 17,2019
Updated September 17,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 48
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 7.0

Comment information

  • ThanoxTheFix - 2019-09-13 12:31:57

    Great Game

    I am probably one of the farthest ahead right now. Over 20 hours game time. I have realized that there is never a standstill in this game, even when no new contest is introduced after a few stages, you always progress very quickly. There are many details in this game that make is interesting. Being in the game makes it progress way faster than idle. There are also funny jokes throughout. Overall great game. Recommendations: I would love to see a leaderboard system to see what you are up against. Adding a “pro” section to see what people very far build would be helpful. Sound effects are still gone. There is music though. The free credit system with the offers doesn’t work. That’s it, great game! If you already have the app and have gotten come ways in, Jutsu is the most op skills area. Cosmetic is weak, and Tech has a few good skills.

  • The llama God 7777 - 2019-09-13 09:39:08

    Just got it and I think I have some ideas

    Well I just got this game and it’s really fun so far, but there are a few things that you should really add (now you don’t have to and I don’t expect you to add these things but you might). If there is not a way to gain more health that what your ninja... person has (idk how to say it properly.___.) I also think there should be different music for different areas (but I did have my phone on silent so idk if that is a thing or not lol) yeah I’ve been typing too long and I hope you guys have fun updating this and I know I will have fun playing:)

  • Mertalize - 2019-09-19 22:37:57

    Reasonable suggestions

    First: Hats off to devs. A tremendous, all-round improvement to the Wizard formula, great work. Suggestion: optional "run timer" to be added directly under the planet progress bar on top-center screen. Simply times current run and resets on recall. Would help players figure out which skill builds clear them thru the fastest, aiding in loadout building. Could be unlocked at the same time as loadouts, with a few lines of robo-tutorial explaining it. Toggle in options page 2.


Tap through the galaxy, hone idle ninja quest skills against the Shogun, tap to defeat space horrors, and carve out your revenge on the empire in this unique Tap RPG! Allocate skill points, complete quests, collect unique items, and upgrade your way across space in Ninja Prime: Tap Quest!

This is a Space RPG Quest game like you’ve never seen. Battle ronin, train your ninja jutsu, tap to upgrade your skills and choose your abilities to survive the Shogun. Tap to attack, collect resources and use your abilities to quest through space and slay slavering savages serving the scheming shogun!

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest Features:

Tap to Explore Space
-Discover Galaxies with unique game-altering mechanics!
-Go on Quests to reclaim Planets and earn resources!
-Collect resources along the way as you quest & upgrade new tap ninja skills!

Battle Ninja Hordes
- Face off against the Space Mercs, Cosmic Cult Ninja, and Technocrat Alliance!
- Strategically select the best ta- skills for each quest!
- Battle the fearsome Dark Shogun to survive and craft rare loot!

Craft Ninja Gear
- Collect resources to unlock new tap abilities!
- Collect items and use them carefully to multiply your power at the perfect moments!

Tap Ninja Action
- A unique genre fusion - play as much or as little as you like!
- Your ninja keeps completing quests without you!
- Return to tap and collect the loot and riches your hero collected while you were away!

Lovers of retro RPG games and incrementals won’t be able to put down this quest filled ninja epic. Go on an epic tap quest, explore space to battle monsters, and defeat tough cosmic bosses. Master the Cosmos in Ninja Prime: Tap Quest! Enjoy it online or offline!