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  • Chase 3D
  • Chase 3D
  • Chase 3D
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  • Chase 3D


Developer Dual Cat
Version 1.0.4
Size 173.3MB
Released October 28,2019
Updated October 28,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 827
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • KingDupy296 (Username in game) - 2019-11-27 09:37:49

    Great but problems

    I love it, it is a new fun game though there is some glitches so I would like to tell you. 1. When you watch a ad, the game continues as you still playing so when you finish the ad, you died so now you have to watch another ad and hurry to finish it so you won’t die. 2. There should be more options for customization on this game, now I get it it is one of those “rescue cut” games where all you do is levels and get skins, but you should add an option where you buy your own fireworks when you finish the level, make you own and vs computers or real people playing a level you made and like if you get on level 10 you get the blocks or whatever you chose, that would make this game much better. 3. You should add vs mode when you vs real or fake people to first to get to the finish line and you could be the giant and chase them and make slow down pads and more, also adding vs will be fun so it will be a challenge other than the “racing to finish an ad so you won’t have to watch another one” challenge. 4. When I got to level 50, this frustrating glitch happens when it said “loading” and it NEVER LOADS! I just deleted it earlier today and reloaded it and it worked! But then the same thing happened. Also it happens randomly at any level so it is nerve racking when you can’t play the amazing game unless you delete it then download it again, it’s a hassle. 5. Ads, you know this problem so there is no need to explain your scam with the “no ads” thing. Thank you for reading this. I understand this game is young and it is still in its early stage, but if you want it to make it to the big leagues, you got fix these to get up there. This game has potential, trust me I play a lot of games like this,(as in i.o. games and games somewhat like it), it is a great idea for this game. Please change these. These are pretty important to an app to fix these and you probably have like.... a lot other games probably and these are one of your “meh” games, but please fix these, it is your job so yeah. Have a good day!

  • ÆSTHETIC LOL - 2019-12-07 22:39:07

    Fix the game

    Guys this is an awesome game but you need to fix it so that when you get an ad the game doesn’t start. I keep dying from it and it’s getting on my nerves. Also you really need to not make the turns if the dude chasing you just kills you when you turn.

  • and i oop this is a good game - 2019-11-27 14:02:54

    B r u h

    First off low quality. Secondly w a y to many ads. Even worse then bee factory, and that’s saying something. Also while your 73738283748374638282020 millionth ad is running, the game will just play without you. Waste of space and will be deleting.


Free running game.

Run away from the Chaser over 100+ levels!
Tip : Never stop running!