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Developer Inspire Brands, Inc
BundleID com.olo.rustytaco
Version 1.4
Size 56.9MB
Released July 12,2019
Updated July 7,2020
Score 4.9
Review Num 14
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.0


  • Nan Miura - 2020-04-07 00:54:24

    Love the food, but....

    I love the food, but there were some issues. I’m sure it’s not the workers at Rusty Taco’s fault though, since they use DoorDash. First, my tacos were mislabeled, so I didn’t know which taco was which. This isn’t a very big deal, except that I had to look through each taco to see which were which. Some were missing labels as well. The food came cold, and usually they’re piping hot! That could be the difference between actually eating at RTaco versus ordering for delivery. I think DoorDash is still responsible for most of the issues I have had with this order, but I don’t have the app to complain to them about this. The bigger issue I had was that the chip bag I had was unsealed before getting to me. This is my first time ordering through the Rusty Taco app. I’ve heard that there are issues with DoorDash, and so I decided not to order through their app and just order through the RTaco app. Normally I wouldn’t complain about a broken seal on a chip bag, but during COVID-19 and I don’t want to take a chance in getting sick. I have one bag of chips that were not unsealed, so I’ll get to try the salsa and queso later. Anyways, I don’t think most of these issues were RTaco employees fault. I think it’s mainly a complaint towards DoorDash. In any other circumstance, RustyTaco is really great! They really are the best taco place in Dayton! Please give the actual restaurant a try if you get a chance to go! After COVID-19 passes through, I’ll most definitely be a more regular customer! Just don’t order RTaco with DoorDash. It would be better to order through RTaco app then going to pick it up in the parking lot.

  • dashmeyer - 2020-03-21 12:11:43

    Very impressed!

    We ordered for the first time during the corona scare to support local business and we’re very impressed but not only the food but the incredible staff working so hard to get the food out as fast as the could with limited staff. They were so grateful and to be honest we were more thankful. We will be eating here as often as we can. Did I mention the food and prices were amazing?! Go eat here! Support local companies!

  • mgrlz - 2019-08-30 02:15:12

    Poor ordering capability

    A little disappointed with the app. Placed an order and received time order would be ready. Got to the location and my order was no where near being ready and was told that they were out of one of the items I ordered. Would have liked to have known that when placing the order.


The most important meal of the day? Tacos, of course – and now you can order your Rusty Taco faves whenever you want, wherever you are. Find your nearest location and browse the menu too! Whether you want to start your day with breakfast tacos, order in lunch for the office or get dinner to go, all that stands in your way is a few taps.

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