Spinning Blades

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 2821 1437
Income 18195 -

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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  • Spinning Blades
  • Spinning Blades
  • Spinning Blades
  • Spinning Blades


Developer Voodoo
BundleID com.nguyenvh.spinningblades
Version 1.2.2
Size 207.5MB
Released June 7,2019
Updated August 12,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 28036
Support http://www.voodoo.io
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • elijahNub - 2020-02-20 00:41:17

    Better than Agar.io

    I like the lag free sense of gameplay, I’d give it 5 stars but I’m still not sure if I’m even playing against people or if it’s just bots. I think it’s a mixture of both, dunno. I like the game so much I’ve been playing it for 6 hours straight now and my thumb hurts. Good lord it’s addicting, very worth the 2.99 to skip ads choice premium beef right here boys.

  • drillyosef - 2020-02-21 21:07:48

    Good game!

    Great game, takes a little bit of learning to get used to but once you get used to it, it’s not too hard. The controls are a little weird so as a suggestion to the devs, maybe put a joystick icon in the middle to make it easier to control. I would like to see this game online though because the bots eventually get really easy

  • gffbbbgftgbbbbdd - 2020-02-18 04:55:14

    This is too hard

    The game is just to hard to play . When I steal others blades, I end up losing blades. Other players are too smart.


Collect blades and use your spin to slay your enemies in this furious sword mayhem!
Who will survive in this crazy battle of guts and steel?

The shortest route may be a detour.