Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+

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  • Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+
  • Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+
  • Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+
  • Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+
  • Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+
  • Music Alarm Clock for Spotify+


Developer Vitalis Apps LLC
BundleID com.danigil.alarm
Version 3.8.0
Size 114.5MB
Released May 2,2019
Updated February 23,2021
Score 4.2
Review Num 562
Language Arabic ,Catalan ,Danish ,Dutch ,English ,Finnish ,French ,German ,Greek ,Hebrew ,Hindi ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Malay ,Norwegian ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Thai ,Turkish ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • S. H. Jackson - 2020-04-18 02:34:38

    Unable to set repeat alarms (4/17/20)

    The first thing that App Store users will notice is that this app cost $4.99. This might be enough to turn most people away, so what I would suggest is giving people a free trial period of a week or less so that they can determine if this is something they want (I believe most people would buy the app after the trial period ends.) after all, the price is needed in order to avoid gross advertisements. I don’t want to wake up to an advertisement. This app is perfect for me because the song that I wanted to wake up to in the morning could not be purchased as a single song off iTunes, thus I could not sync it with my Clock app on my iPhone, so being able to wake up to Spotify is perfect. My chief complaint is that as of the date in the title of this review, you have to set each alarm manually and you’re limited to ONE at a time. I would much rather set a repeat alarm to go off every weekday morning at the same time and not have to worry about it. It’s a pain in the butt to use my Clock app to remind me to set my alarm in a different alarm app every night when I could just use the Clock app for free and its repeat features. There are also sometimes issues with using other apps while Alarmify is open. Sometimes I fall asleep scrolling through Facebook, so I cannot afford to not be woken up by the app if it fails during the night because I wanted to switch to another app. To combat this, I once again have to use my built in Clock app on my iPhone as a failsafe to ensure that I am able to wake up on-time in the morning. It would also be beneficial to be able to set multiple different alarms at once, just like in the Clock app. I hope this app improves to the point to where I don’t have to use two alarm apps just to wake up to one specific song that I want to wake up to. After all, I did pay five dollars for it.

  • Ianxavier8 - 2020-03-23 06:43:47

    Do not buy - Read why and you will understand

    When you get this app, not only can you not turn off your phone after you set your alarm or exit the app but you can only set one alarm. Meaning you cannot set multiple alarms if you have trouble waking up. Other apps link to Spotify and cost less whilst offering the chance to set multiple alarm clocks and turn off your phone. Another issue is you can’t even go on your playlists. The app is a complete rip-off for the price and it is evident the first time you use it. Please for the sake of yourself do not buy this terribly formulated and structured app.

  • 123i its me 321 - 2020-04-03 05:44:58

    You have to leave your phone on all night!

    When using this app you can not turn your phone off. If you do the app will not work, at all! Furthermore you can’t use your personal liked songs, or any private playlists. The only ones you can use are public playlists, and you have to look up the specific name of it. If there is more then one playlists with the same name it can get very confusing. Overall do not buy this app. I requested a refund!

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Fantastic idea! 5 stars
by Sarahh2 – 20 Nov. 2020
Finally, I can wake up with my favourite songs!


Wake up happy every morning with your favorite songs of Spotify. Finally, we've created your dreams alarm to wake up with Spotify.



Choose which Songs, Playlists, Artists, or Albums you want to wake up every morning.

Fall asleep in a few minutes using our Spotify Music Sleep Aid. You'll be able to choose between more than 8 million sounds like Rain, white noise, birds, and much more.

Never has been so easy to set a happy and energized wake up, one click and it will be ready. Forget about complicated apps that when the moment of the truth arrives doesn't work properly.

Choose from more than 3 million songs available. Besides, we prepare periodically playlists, then you'll wake up every morning in a good mood and with maximum energy.

If you need help, you can contact us directly from the settings section. We will answer instantly.

We want you to feel comfortable using Wake Up with Spotify. It is therefore frequently update the application so you won't have any problems.

We are not supporters of dirtying our apps with ads. So, you will never find ads in Wake Up with Songs For Spotify.

We are currently growing and offering our users a single payment for life. Later it will become a subscription for new users, so we recommend you take advantage of this great opportunity.



- Account for Spotify Premium needed.
- Having mobile internet, to load your songs every morning.


ATTENTION: Wake Up For Spotify has no relationship with Spotify Inc.