Blending 1


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Developer Brittany Mclaughlin
BundleID com.ScribbleUp.Blending1
Version 1.1
Size 207.1MB
Released April 21,2019
Updated April 22,2019
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


This is a tool for those helping children and adults learn how to read in English, where they can practice tricky concepts about letters and sounds. ScribbleUp apps have been used successfully in classrooms, afterschools, and at home!  They are designed for anything from independent learning time in centers or at home, to learning with a sibling, tutor, teacher, or parent.

Blending 1 focuses on a foundational skill: blending.  Here, we practice blending 3 sounds together in to a word - such as hearing the sounds “puh” “uh” “nnn” and putting them together to make the word “pun”.  This skill is a type of phonemic (sound) awareness, and can be taught and practiced in a fun, playful way.  It’s especially useful for preK or K emerging readers, and is helpful for Kindergarten readiness.

Please note: If you want to reduce screen time for your early reader, you can use the app yourself and just play the sounds for them!  You’ll still be listening to, repeating, and playing with sounds to form words in an effective, research-based, and fun way.

Remember, this is a tool to help teach early sound and letter concepts! Make sure not to tire out your early reader - a little bit can go a long way, and short, engaged puzzle-solving is more effective than long, boring sessions. You'll also want to reinforce the skills practiced in this app with outside reading and wordplay (especially with related words), and other early reading activities.  

Please contact us at with feedback, suggestions, and questions!  We're always making new tutorials, apps, and ways to make early reading fun, that we're excited to share with you.