My Success Story business game

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  • My Success Story business game
  • My Success Story business game
  • My Success Story business game
  • My Success Story business game
  • My Success Story business game
  • My Success Story business game
  • My Success Story business game


Developer Rodan mobile Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag
Version 1.40
Size 130.5MB
Released April 19,2019
Updated July 7,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 8023
Language Arabic ,English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0


  • catmeaw11a - 2020-08-01 11:35:26

    Worst game ever

    First of all you sell your stuff without doing anything it’s terrible and Tutorial do you want to do too much do and you lose your money too much I deleted the game because it is so hard and why did you even I think it was a good idea to lose so much money do not buy if there’s a another epic gamer reading this and it’s not even like a life simulator at all

  • Waluruse - 2020-08-03 08:49:31

    Please get this out of the AppStore’s

    It was all fun and stuff until I got to the food part the characters are total cheapskates please delete it

  • byuhgggh - 2020-08-01 03:55:56


    I actually got rich in the game exactally what shown best game ever played thanks 😊 for making it 🙏


Is a dollar in your pocket and a room in the dorm all you have for now? Prove that you were born for a better life! Become a successful businessman, earn millions of dollars and run your own company in “My Success Story business game”.
Write your own success story
Achieve all the goals by yourself: get the first job, rent an apartment and start climbing the career ladder. Save money to start your own business. How long will it take earning your first million? It depends on you. You have all the chances in “My Success Story business game”.
What goals will you have in “My Success Story business game”?
- Would you like to live in your own house? Find a job to rent your first apartment;
- Are you dreaming of a brilliant career? Graduate from a university to take a high post;
- Is social status important for you? Get married and make a family to enhance your position in the society;
- Do you possess millions of dollars, but it is still not enough? Win in casino and bet on the stock market to double your income;
- Would you like to drive a luxurious car? You can buy as many cars as you want with all your fortune. And you will still have enough to buy several villas, a personal plane or even an island!
In “My Success Story business game” you can have everything you want! Earn billions of dollars, gain an endless power and write your own success story!