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Developer New York Hall of Science
BundleID org.nysci.ThePack
Version 1.05
Size 402.4MB
Released April 22,2019
Updated May 2,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 55
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0

Comment information

  • corydaye - 2019-08-18 01:14:04

    Needs a little more guidance

    I've been playing this for a few days now-- apparently I added too many creatures to my pack and I don't have room for any new ones. I did not know this was possible as it wasn't presented at any time during the game. I like the game, but I don't have an unlimited amount of time to figure every single thing. I do not know how to have a creature leave the pack, or if this is even necessary. I don't know if I make more land, will I be able to add a creature without getting rid of any? Or is there something I'm missing? Love the game, but in any case I just don't have hours and hours to spend trying to figure out what to do-- it's probably very simple but I don't know what it is, making the game more frustrating than fun at this point. I understand we're supposed to figure it out, but maybe make it a little less completely 100% vague, knowing that people can't live on their phones. I have an actual garden and wildlife habitat I need to tend to IRL, so I'll probably have to quit this game because its taking too much real time, spending two hours trying to figure out how to add to the Pack. Nice concept, but more clues/guidance would be helpful. I've never played games like Minecraft or anything. Maybe the developer is assuming most players have, but as a naturalist this game appealed to me because of the ecological theme, so I went in blind.

  • Kelley Green - 2019-08-17 00:59:17

    No Way to Contact Developers

    Hi...You’re game is really cute and definitely has potential. There are a few problems, starting with... 1) you have no contact method, anywhere. If I find a bug, who do I tell? If I have a suggestion, where does that go? 2) Settings. Seriously, not everyone is going to be comfortable with any particular movement mechanic. I, personally, would like virtual joysticks with this game. It’s much nicer, imho, to be able to move freely in all directions while still being able to see the screen. 3) Hotkeys/Hotbar. Once you’ve created an algorithm, the only way to access it is to open the Create Algorithm screen, drag the already saved/named algorithm and then go back to the environment to use it. If saved/named algorithms were also in a hotbar across the top of the screen, i could use them in the situation without breaking focus on the environment. I like good educational apps....please give us some way to help you make this one great.

  • Biosethereal - 2019-08-21 08:06:03

    I don’t usually write reviews especially bad ones but...

    Let me start by saying the game is AMAZING. The idea is amazing, graphics everything awesome. Ok now for the venting rant. I want to love this game but it crashes CONSTANTLY! Every 5 minutes or less. As soon as you have a pack of more than 2 or 3 it crashes to the point of unplayable. I had it crash so hard once it never recovered and I had to fully reset my game and start from scratch. After that I figured it was the plethora of AI, so I trimmed how many where in my pack to just one of everything. Nope, still crashes constantly. I get that the environment and, the AI are taxing on an iPod 7 but this is ridiculous. If they can figure out how to make it not crash every 3-5 minutes I would LOVE this game. I’m hoping they have it for PC or something that can handle the processing power that this game needs. But for now, I’ll just wait for some serious updates.


Help restore the world to an ecologically balanced state in this open-world puzzle and survival game – while learning some computational thinking along the way! The Pack is set in Algos, a future world where healthy ecosystems have faltered, water and food are scarce, and it’s up to you and your Pack to help fix the environment.
You find yourself waking up in a barren land where the only way to bring balanced life back is to replenish water sources and find varied seeds that are scattered all over the world! You can’t do it alone, and can’t stray too far from water, so you and a “Pack” of helpful creatures set out on an adventure across Algos.
Throughout the game, you must find food sources to attract your own Pack made of local Algos creatures with special skills that will help you in your new environment. These creatures have functions like digging, moving, holding, grabbing and bumping, skills that will help you collect seeds and bring water to dry areas. When your Pack has more than one type of creature, you can combine them in a sequence (also known as an algorithm) to perform complex tasks and overcome challenges. Learning and mastering how to use these algorithms is the key to finding all of the seeds and restoring harmony to Algos!
This project was supported by the JPB Foundation. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1543144. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
The Pack is a science and math-based game created by the New York Hall of Science. The game encourages problem-solving and computational thinking as well as enforces basic coding principles. Educational guidelines are available to download free from our website.